Atos and VMware want to help organizations get more value out of their data

Atos and VMware are expanding their strategic partnership. The two IT providers are developing an integrated set of capabilities that accelerate the development of so-called ‘data spaces’. Data spaces are platforms that enable better exchange, collaboration and utilization of data between organizations or sectors, regardless of the underlying infrastructure. Data space also ensures data sovereignty and interoperability.

With the partnership, Atos and VMware aim to help use and share data and industry applications more strategically to boost regional and national digital economies. The integrated set of options is adapted to the Gaia-X architecture. They serve as a key driver of the Gaia-X initiative, which aims to accelerate the exchange of data through new digital platforms that comply with commonly established rules.

Equipped with building blocks

Atos and VMware plan to combine VMware’s multi-cloud and app modernization capabilities with the Atos cloud and Atos’ cyber security expertise and technology integration. The goal is to provide organizations and sectors with building blocks for the design, development, rollout, security and management of data spaces that meet the requirements for data management.

Organizations can also use existing data to create machine learning and artificial intelligence services and enable new industry-specific services to:

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences – facilitating pooling and sharing of health data to accelerate research and clinical trials.
  • Financial services – development of business and cross-border services and collaborative ecosystems, for example with a sustainable financing platform to meet environmental, social and public requirements.
  • Utilities – optimizing the electrical networks for charging electric vehicles.

‘The world revolves around multi-cloud’

“With a comprehensive set of data space features from VMware and Atos, organizations will have access to a fast way to more securely share, manage, and leverage their data,” said Laurent Allard, Head of Sovereign Cloud EMEA at VMware. Today’s world revolves around multi-cloud. In line with the principles of Gaia-X, a number of features will be designed to deliver the interoperability, reversibility and security that European organizations and industries need to extract value from data and accelerate their digital ambitions. “

Frédéric Malicki, CTO, Southern Europe at Atos emphasizes that both organizations have long been partners and share a commitment to helping organizations extract value from data. “By supporting the accelerated development of data space and data sovereignty with the features of VMware and Atos, we expect to provide customers with the tools to – in collaboration with partners and peers – retrieve value not only from their own data but also from federated data .dates. “

Organizations can convert existing data into new services that can help farmers with better weather forecasts, for example, Malicki continues. “Health authorities can also improve the living conditions of the elderly through the use of automated energy management.”

The features provided by VMware and Atos include a range of products and services:

  • VMware Tanzu Data Services – to enable rapid, scalable development and implementation of modern applications in the data space across teams and clouds. Tanzu Data Services is a set of core services that are part of the broader VMware Tanzu offering.
  • VMware Cloud Foundation – to connect the data space with the cloud infrastructure, including data storage platforms, and to make use of existing data.
  • VMware Versatile Data Kit – to reduce unforeseen expenses by means of a Data SDK, which contains the building blocks for building data applications with minimal effort.
  • Atos cloud features – to support the shift to digital business.
  • Atos Edge and Bare Metal-as-a-Service – to facilitate use cases and enable edge-to-cloud continuum.
  • Atos Cybersecurity to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.
  • Atos Digital Hub to create custom shared and transparent platforms that enable and orchestrate value chains across huge data-driven ecosystems.

These capabilities are supported by the reversibility, interoperability and portability of VMware’s cloud partners. With data hosted on a common peer-to-peer framework to ensure architectural compatibility between cloud providers, organizations can host their data with any of the participating cloud providers, VMware and Atos said. This allows them to take full advantage of the services provided while being able to move apps to or collect data on platforms from other cloud providers.

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