How can you learn more about data analysis in football?

Over the last two decades, the influence of data analytics has increased in all aspects of our lives: in companies of all kinds, as well as in healthcare, media and sports. Until a few years ago, football was thought to be immune to this trend. Now the early adopters of the big football leagues are thriving thanks to the competitive advantage that investing in data analytics is starting to offer them: Liverpool, AZ Alkmaar and Brentford are just a few on the budding list of successful case studies, while Ajax are also a frontrunner in this area. . Those clubs that do not plan to jump on the analysis train risk being left behind.


In recent years, the exponential rate of improvement in the technologies that support the collection, storage and analysis of data has gone hand in hand with an exponential increase in human capital invested in sports analysis. This has resulted in an explosive increase in the quantity and quality of the datasets. As the data sets have grown and improved, the number of potential uses of data analysis for the game has multiplied, making “football analysis” a fairly common concept.

Below we try to summarize the main areas of application:

  • Scout
  • Performance analysis
  • Performance indicators
  • Player development
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation


Want to learn more about data analysis in football so you can possibly do this yourself in your favorite club Ajax? The best way to start is with a book that is not even about football: Moneyball: The Art Of Winning An Unfair Game (by Michael Lewis), which we have already mentioned in this analysis. The Oakland Athletics baseball team book and history describes the importance of sports analysis. The Numbers Game by Chris Anderson and David Sally is also recommended, allowing you to dig deeper into football data. The book shows that the use of data in the beautiful game is not only possible but also extremely useful, especially when it comes to dispelling myths. Soccernomics (by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski), Soccermatics (by David Sumpter) and Football Hackers (by Christoph Biermann) are other solid overviews of how the discipline of football analysis has evolved and is beginning to flourish. Finally, The Expected Goals Philosophy (by James Tippett) limits the analysis to the expected goals and provides some insights into how Brentford and Smartodds are managed.

gambling sites

Besides books, there are a few more resources that you can use to get better at analyzing data from Ajax or other football clubs. For example, you can take advantage of this list of the best gaming sites on It may sound strange, but it actually makes sense. Online gambling sites give you a complete overview of odds on teams, number of goals and so on. These odds are of course based on something they are not invented by the bookmakers. Also gaming sites use data to determine the odds and because of this they can be a good source for aspiring data analysts in the football world.


Sorare is a Blockchain fantasy football game running on Ethereum – it combines elements of fantasy football with card collecting and it’s becoming very popular. For a long time, this new concept of digital fundraising and card investing has made people wonder if this is the future of the sports card hobby, but it seems to be the case. Players buy and collect digital player cards (also known as an NFT), trade with other players and compete in tournaments and contests where they can win thousands of euros. In addition, it allows you to learn more about data analysis, while also helps you get better at football tactics.


Would you like to become the new Erik ten Hag? By 2022, you should definitely be good when it comes to data analytics. Of course, the Ajax coach also makes use of it, even though he gets help from data analysts. Therefore, as a football coach, you must not only be an expert in the field of data in the football world, but you must also be in control of, for example, football tactics. Although Sorare can already help with this, it is also highly recommended to take a look at On this page you will find a lot of information about football tactics, while you can also buy books that you actually have a chance to become the new Erik ten Hag with!

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