HyperloopTT wins iF Design Award; The Boring Company will build the hyperloop

HyperloopTT, a company that focuses on realizing a hyperloop path, wins the iF Design Award for ‘Professional Concept’ for its sustainable HyperPort concept. At the same time, Elon Musk announces that The Boring Company, which focuses on tunnel construction, will realize its own hyperloop route.

HyperPort is a system that aims to implement hyperloop in ports. The system is being developed by HyperloopTT together with the German terminal operator Hamburger Hafen und Logistik (HHLA). It is a plug-n-play solution for port administrators. This allows them to transport containers over hundreds of kilometers in a matter of minutes. The system can transport 2,800 Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEUs) per day.

Reliability, efficiency and employee safety

The transport takes place in a completely closed working environment, which increases the employees’ reliability, efficiency and safety. HyperPort capsules designed by strategic design and innovation consulting firm Mormedi will run on the route. These capsules can each transport two 20ft containers, a 40 or 45ft container or a so-called High Cube container. According to HyperloopTT, speeds comparable to airplanes are possible.

The project now wins the iF Design Award for Professionals Concept. iF Design Awards are given to products that demonstrate excellent design. The Professional Concept award is specifically aimed at experimental and conceptual designs. These are projects where orders have been placed but have not yet been executed. However, also think of innovative design concepts whose implementation is not planned that year.

Andres De Leon, CEO of HyperloopTT: “HyperPort is a sustainable, fast shipping solution that fits the modern era. We are pleased to be recognized by the creative minds of iF Design and would like to thank our partners HHLA and Mormedi for their detailed approach to realizing the designs, models, and optimizations that helped develop HyperPort from concept to practice. “

Concept by Elon Musk

The concept of hyperloop was conceived by Elon Musk, billionaire and founder of, among others, SpaceX, Tesla and The Boring Company. In this concept, a train runs through a vacuum tube. The vacuum present ensures low air resistance, so the vehicle requires relatively little energy to reach a high speed. The top speed is expected to be 1,200 km / h. At this speed you can travel from Amsterdam to Paris in just about thirty minutes.

Musk presented the idea in 2012. The billionaire created the Hyperloop Pod Competition in 2015, with the aim of accelerating development. Participants were challenged to build a half-scale hyperloop pod. These pods have been tested on a 1.6 kilometer long test track, which is also built on a half scale. Three teams competed in January 2017. The Dutch student team from TU Delft won the competition under the name Delft Hyperloop.

Realize a working concept

Now, Musk has announced that his tunnel boring company The Boring Company will also build a hyperloop track. On Twitter, Musk reported: “Over the next few years, Boring Co. has been building a functioning hyperloop. From a familiar physics perspective, this is the fastest way to get from one city center to another at distances less than ~ 2000 miles. Spaceship is faster for longer distances. ” Starship Musk refers to is a spaceship from the space company SpaceX, a company also founded by Musk.

The Boring Company was founded in 2017 by Musk. It originally served as a subsidiary of SpaceX. The company has been operating independently since 2018. The Boring Company focuses on drilling tunnels faster, cheaper and smarter. This clever way involves processing rubble from drilled tunnels to concrete blocks. The Boring Company sells these blocks. This means that the company has no cost for disposing of the rubble.

First test tunnel in California

A first test tunnel has been realized by The Boring Company in Hawthorne, California, near SpaceX’s headquarters. It is a tunnel of about 1,800 meters, which has cost 10 million dollars.

Now Musk wants The Boring Company to realize a working concept for hyperloop. Details are unknown. It is unclear when this project will be completed. It is also not known how long the project will last and where it will be realized.

Author: Wouter Hoeffnagel
Photo: The Quintero One, a concept for a hyperloop pod that HyperloopTT presented in 2018 (Photo: HyperloopTT)

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