“It all can be a little less serious”: your horoscope for this week

Aries 21-3 to 21-4

General Love is in the air!

Relationships With the love planet Venus in your sign, it can only be a super romantic week, Aries. It gets exciting between the sheets with your boyfriend, especially when you dare to experiment. If you are single, you can expect a visit from Cupido.

Health You live by love, so you feel good in your Rammenvel. Planet Venus makes sure that you sometimes indulge yourself a little too much with good food and drinks. Remember this if you do not want to arrive.

Career Especially the contacts to colleagues and fellow students are top notch, Venus also takes care of that. If something does not work or if you need help, you can count on it. Either way, it will be fine.

Money This planet also means good news for your finances. You have plenty to spend this week as long as you do not overdo it or buy unnecessary things.

Taurus 22-4 to 21-5

General Your career is progressing.

Relationships Expect cool surprises this week, especially when it’s your birthday. It comes from unexpected edges and that makes it extra special. As a single, this is a great week for dating.

Health You need to be especially careful when exercising. The planet Mars can cause damage, especially if you do not provide proper warming. You can now use supplements to increase your resistance.

Career This week looks great, especially for your career, Taurus. The planet Mars and Uranus provide unexpected opportunities and encounters that can lift you up. So pay attention.

Money Be aware that you may incur unexpected costs, Taurus. The planet Uranus sometimes has a finger in this. If you have enough reserves then there is nothing to worry about.

Gemini 22-5 to 21-6

General Keep your energy level up.

Relationships Unfortunately, the necessary discussions can arise here and there, Gemini. The planet Mars makes you very stubborn, and not everyone appreciates it. Ask yourself if it is really necessary to be right.

Health Since the planet Mars is still an obstacle, it is important that you do not push yourself too hard. Keep an eye on your energy level. Especially when busy at home and at work.

Career Not everything is going according to plan this week. This has primarily to do with your own (too) high expectations. Try to be a little more realistic and talk about it to avoid misunderstandings.

Money If you are short of cash, the planet Mercury knows how to inspire you. Suddenly you know how to make extra money or how to sell something at a nice price.

Cancer 22-6 to 23-7

General It will be a surprising and exciting week!

Relationships With the exciting planetary duo Mars and Uranus by your side, things get anything but boring. It can get very hot, especially between the sheets. Be open to new ideas from your boyfriend or date.

Health As long as you do not take too much on the fork, your health will be fine this week. You are positive and you are in a good mood. Your energy level is also at its peak.

Career Expect surprising twists this week. That way, you can have an exciting new colleague or a challenging project. Whatever it is, you will be happy to work with it.

Money You may be a little too impulsive with your consumption, Cancer. Especially when you go out, you are not aware of anything. Think in advance how much you want to spend, it helps.

Leo 24-7 to 23-8

General There are problems in your relationship.

Relationships The skewed planet Uranus is disturbing, and it’s affecting your relationship in particular, Leo. You are not on the same wavelength at all and this can lead to conflicts. Seriously talking to each other is the only solution.

Health The problems in your relationship are causing the necessary stress this week. Especially if you are not discussing it with your boyfriend. If you want to feel better, it’s best to work on it right away.

Career To distract from your personal problems, you prefer to focus on your job or study as much as possible. While not the best solution, it pays off. You get great results.

Money Unfortunately, this is not a good time for impulse buying. You do not have enough money for that right now. So think twice before you staple.

Virgo 24-8 to 22-9

General Pay extra attention to your health.

Relationships You take on too many household chores, Virgo. Your love is fine with that, of course, but it can not continue any longer. You just can not take it anymore.

Health You flow over, mentally, emotionally and physically. Especially if you continue this way. Take a break, delegate something and do not feel responsible for everything. That’s probably a good start.

Career You can also delegate a little more in this area. Even if someone else is not doing the job the way you want it to, that does not mean you should do it. Let go of your perfectionism a little more in this.

Money Unfortunately, it’s not that great on this front either. You’ve been spending a lot of money lately, so now you need to be a little more frugal. It is no different.

Scale 23-9 to 22-10

General Enjoy a relaxed week.

Relationships All possibilities are still open, Libra. The planets will leave you alone this week, so fill it out as you like it. Meet friends, take your girlfriend out to dinner or go shopping.

Health It’s good for you not to have a jam-packed agenda. You have time for yourself and relaxing activities. This allows you to recharge this week.

Career At school or at work, everything goes according to plan. Not exactly exciting or thrilling, but nicely relaxed. A good week to get rid of overdue work.

Money Shopping is your biggest hobby for you as a Weight. There are no planets in the way, so chances are you have something to use. Then feel free to enjoy it.

Scorpio 23-10 to 22-11

General The week was different than expected.

Relationships You are leading the responsibility in your relationship and it is going to annoy you. Especially when your love does not seem to appreciate this. Instead of arguing, you can just talk about it.

Health A healthy lifestyle is not a luxury this week. Think about getting enough sleep, drinking enough water and a healthy and varied diet. This helps to strengthen your resistance.

Career Forget all the plans you have this week, Scorpio. The planet Uranus launches a key. Be flexible and do not see it as a problem, rather as a challenge.

Money Give an apple to quench your thirst. The planet Uranus can sometimes cause surprises, even financially. So be prepared this week.

Sagittarius 23-11 to 22-12

General Patience is a virtue.

Relationships Patience is not your strength, and the flaming planet Mars does not exactly make it easy for you. You have a short fuse with your boyfriend and he does not do anything really easy. Unfortunately, your relationship is dominated by irritations this week.

Health You also have a little patience with yourself. You set the bar high, making it almost impossible to reach your goals. Most days, this will leave you tired and exhausted.

Career You feel that the impossible is also being asked of you at work or at school. Still, it’s more something for yourself. Pay attention to what you demand of yourself!

Money You do not have much time to spend this week. You’re too busy with other things. This presents no problems in this area.

Capricorn 23-12 to 20-1

General Take your chance.

Relationships With the planets Mars and Uranus by your side, you are more open to spontaneous actions and ideas. It’s good for your relationship and your sex life. This also works well in your circle of friends.

Health You’re in good shape, Capricorn. This has to do with your job as you are now getting a lot of success and satisfaction from and with the sweet people around you.

Career Your job or study is important to you, and this week you have the wind at your back. Even more than that. Once you know how to seize opportunities, you can move even higher.

Money Everything is going according to plan in this area this week. Chances are great that you can even expect a little extra. So you have enough to spend.

Aquarius 21-1 to 18-2

General It could all be a little less serious.

Relationships The planets Saturn and Uranus make you serious and serious, also in your relationship. This still does not make your sex life good! Jump out of the band and let yourself go completely.

Health Because you experience a lot as a burden, you can literally have a burden on your shoulders this week. When you get home, leave your job and set aside time for your hobby. Or do something else that relaxes you.

Career This is where all your attention goes, and unfortunately you primarily see bears on the road. Even where they are not! Realize that you’re doing it right, you really do not have to go the extra mile. Be less strict with yourself.

Money You are currently very frugal. It’s not a problem in itself, but you do not give yourself anything either. It can only be once.

Fish 19-2 to 20-3

General Set your goal and go for it.

Relationships The planets Mars, Jupiter and Neptune are especially favorable for you this week. If you are still single, you can definitely take advantage of it. Approach the attractive person and dare to be a little less good.

Health If you are not in shape, it does not take long. Planet Jupiter now helps you heal very quickly. You are also positive, which also works wonders for your health.

Career In this area, it is important this week that you have your goals ready. Do you want the second function? The cool project? So go for it completely. You now have the right planets by your side.

Money You can be a little too generous with your money this week, Pisces. Fortunately, you have enough to use so you do not get into trouble quickly.

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