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News feature | 29-04-2022 | 09:09

Oirschot municipality has invited three design teams to the second round of the competition A new building culture – Design competition for bio-based and nature-inclusive construction in Oirschot† Participants were asked to provide a sketch design for the De Kemmer-Eindhovensedijk location, which will house 400 homes in the coming years.

Oirschot competition

The jury, led by Chief Government Architect Francesco Veenstra, selected these teams based on their vision for the task. The competition is an initiative of the Board of Government Advisors and was organized by the municipality of Oirschot. The competition is conducted in collaboration with Architectuur Lokaal.

A new building culture

This competition is the first competition within the program A New Building Culture, with which the State Advisers want to stimulate bio-based and nature-inclusive construction. The purpose of this initiative is to make innovation and acceleration coincide with making housing construction more sustainable, where construction is in balance with its natural environment.
With Design competition for bio-based and nature-inclusive construction in Oirschot The municipality of Oirschot encouraged teams of urban planners, landscape architects and architects to develop an urban development and landscape vision for De Kemmer-Eindhovensedijk, which makes the best possible use of the opportunities for bio-based and nature-inclusive construction. For a sub-area of ​​this location, the municipality is also looking for inspiring designs and business cases that show that bio-based and nature-inclusive construction is feasible, affordable and scalable within a sustainable area development.

Three teams selected

From the applications of 42 design teams, consisting of a landscape architect, an urban planner and an architect – as well as other professionals – five teams were selected to participate in the competition. In order to assess the contribution of the five teams, the jury visited the competition venue in Oirschot on 22 April under the supervision of the project manager in Menno Moen municipality. It was mainly a matter of understanding and experiencing the special characteristics of the area in order to be able to include them properly in the deliberations. The jury has now selected three teams based on their views on the task:

New autumn
Team: Dirk van Peijpe (De Urbanisten BV), Daan Bruggink (ORGA architect BV) and Sander Rombout (Copijn Garden and Landscape Architects bv)
Other parties involved: Martin-Paul Neys (Level of Detail Architects), Onno Dirker (Atelier Veldwerk), Johan Snel (AM), Annelies van der Nagel (Beyond Now), Woud Jansen (Alba Concepts) and Daan Groot (Nature doublers) .

Harvest, build, live, cultivate
Team: Tom van Tuijn (Tom van Tuijn town planning BV), Daphne van der Wal (Le Far West Landscape Architects) and Marlies Zuidam (FAAM architects BV)
Other parties involved: Raoul Vleugels (Werkstatt), Gijs Meijer, Ibo Selek and Mieke Gooren (Sweco), Robbert Snep (WUR), Philemonne Jaasma (Cocosmos) and Rik Adriaans (Architectural Architecture).

Team: Peter Lubbers, Marian de Vries Bureau Lubber’s Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning) and Remco Mulder (Mulderendevries Architects)
Other parties involved: Tomas Dirrix (diederendirrix architects), Frans van Rooijen (Xyhlo Biofinish) and René van Druenen (Agroforestry).

Sketch design

The selected teams were invited by the municipality of Oirschot to develop their vision for the task of a sketch design with a business case. From these entries, the jury will select a winning design and a second place.
As a follow-up to the competition, the municipality of Oirschot intends to have the winner draw up a master plan for the development of the De Kemmer-Eindhovensedijk area. In addition, the winner can be invited to further design the plan for the sub-area in consultation with the partners involved in preparation for realization.

Exhibition and jury report

The contributions will be exhibited prior to the decision-making process. Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to respond to the suggestions. The visitors’ reactions are made available to the jury for advice. The jury’s report and entries will be published when the result of the competition is announced. The competition is expected to end in September 2022.

Jury and Oirschot


The jury consists of Francesco VeenstraChief Government Architect (Chairman), Harwil the YoungerHeijmans Ejendomsmægler, Jannemarie de JongeState Adviser for the Physical Living Environment, Pablo van der LugtAMS Institute – Delft University of Technology, Anne-Marie RakhorstPlatform Duurzaamheid.nl and Gerbert SmuldersLOS byland.
The secretary of the jury is Cilly JansenArchitecture Local.

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