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Which dating sites or apps are the most popular, and where are the users least concerned about their privacy? Where do users most often come across a fake account and how much money do they spend on online dating? Radar conducted a survey of nearly 8,000 respondents.

The most popular dating site among the participants in this survey is Lexa, which is used by almost 40 percent of the candidates, followed by the Relation Planet, which is used by 33 percent of the participants. Then comes 50plusmatch with 23 percent of the participants, Tinder with 22 percent, Badoo with 19 percent and finally Parship (18%) and e-Matching (16%).

There are many more players in the market. To name a few that were checked by 5 to 8 percent of the participants: Knuz, Paiq, Happn, Ourtime, SeniorenGeluk, Pepper and Second Love. Twoo and Match4me were mentioned a lot in the open answers. When we compare websites, we only mention the online dating services with the most users within the research group, about which the most experience has been shared.

fake accounts

Nearly 40 percent of respondents say they have definitely come across a fake account while dating online, and a further nearly 30 percent have strong suspicions. The majority of these fake accounts are said to have been created by users pretending to be someone else. A third indicates that they (also) have seen a fake account that was probably created by the dating site itself. Badoo and Tinder users are the most likely to see fake accounts.

Participants say they were aware of the fake accounts because they came across several profiles with the same image but different names. Some felt like they were talking to a chat robot or saw profiles that seemed too good to be true. Some indicate that they also have a fake account, under a fake name and with a photo of, for example, a flower, to protect their personal data.

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How secure is my data?

Respondents in the survey strongly disagree about privacy: exactly half state that they occasionally care about the protection of their personal data. The other half is not worried about it. Out of Badoo (66%), Tinder (59%) and Lexa (55%) users, more people are worried than not.

Some participants say that after registering on a dating site, they suddenly received ads and email from other dating sites. This raises questions for them: they are unsure of what is happening to their data and what information the dating site or app is storing. Others indicate that you have control over what data you enter and that it is your own responsibility.

Radar Radio has previously been aware of the privacy of e-Matching users. Listen back to the fragment via this link.

Why online dating?

Three-quarters of all survey participants signed up for a dating site in search of a serious relationship. More than a third are looking (also) for a friendship or a buddy, 29 percent for a nice date and 14 percent for sexual contact. Others are looking for, for example, a dance or hiking partner or are just curious about what can be found on a dating site. A few are registered because an acquaintance or friend has created the account.

More than 80 percent of the users of Relatieplanet, e-Matching, Lexa and Parship state that they are looking for a serious relationship. On Tinder, almost half are primarily looking for a nice date, and on 50plusmatch and Badoo, more than 40 percent state that they are looking for a friendship.

Not everyone has actually found what he or she was looking for. On average, 37 percent say yes, 31 percent partially and 32 percent not at all. Relatieplanet scores highest in this regard: 47 percent of users state that the website has met the goal. On Tinder, users were least likely (22%) to reach their goals.

How much money do you have left for a date?

The largest group of respondents (43%) state that they do not pay for their profile. Just under a quarter spend less than ten euros a month, a further 28 percent pay between ten and thirty euros a month.

Tinder and Badoo use the majority of respondents for free, 83 and 77 percent, respectively. On the other sites, most users invest money, at Lexa and Parship, the paying groups are the largest: At Lexa, 78 percent spend up to thirty euros a month on the search for love. At Parship, almost a quarter spend more than 30 euros a month.

There are divided opinions on whether the websites and apps are actually worth the money. Consensus is greatest among Badoo and Tinder users: of those who have paid for the service, 87 percent of Badoo users and 79 percent of Tinder users believe it is not worth the money. Also at Lexa and Parship, a majority do not think that the service is worth the money. The users of 50plusmatch, Relatieplanet and e-Matching differ the most: Half think the pages are worth the money, the other half don’t.

Contact with a dating platform

According to the participants, it is easiest to terminate your account with e-Matching and Relatieplanet, two thirds of the participants state that it went pretty easily for them. At Badoo and Lexa, the majority of participants indicated that closing the account was complicated.

More than half of the participants have at one time contacted customer service. They are generally not very positive about it. The members of e-Matching are most satisfied with the contact to the website, followed by 50plusmatch. Many participants state that it generally takes a long time for all dating sites to handle complaints, that nothing is done about reporting fake accounts, and that many websites do not have a phone number. However, participants are satisfied with the chat features and the courtesy of the customer service staff.

Dating when you are already in a relationship

More than half of the participants (55%) speak negatively about websites that cater to people who are already in a relationship, such as Second Love and Victoria Milan. Only four percent are positive about it. Some indicate that they find it convenient that such sites exist because singles can be found on other dating sites. Others do not mind it, as long as it is clear that the participants are already in a relationship. A few state that they think similar websites are fine, but they do not think they should be advertised.


An open relationship is okay, but it’s not cheating

Participates in research on sites such as Second Love

Recommendations and recommendations

We asked all participants in the survey which online dating services they would recommend or not recommend. Whether they themselves use the website is not included. It is striking that 211 participants advise against the Second Love website, while only 139 people state that they have ever created a profile.

Most respondents recommend or advise against any site. In addition, the participants are most enthusiastic about Relatieplanet and Lexa, both sides are recommended by 12 percent of the respondents, 50plusmatch is in third place with 11 percent. Badoo, Tinder and Lexa are the most often deterred, by about ten percent of the participants.

About online dating research

The survey was conducted between 8 and 28 November 2019 by 7,790 people, mainly members of the Radar Test Panel. This group, spread across the country, is invited monthly to about two surveys on consumer affairs. Would you also like to have your experience and opinion counted? Sign up (for free) via this questionnaire.

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