Special – 3 experiences with Relatieplanet

Relationship Planet … to be honest I had never heard of it. But like Lexa, eDarling and others, Relatieplanet is also a widely used dating platform. I chose the three most striking experiences with the Relation Planet. Super bad, but also very good.

If you google ‘experiences with the Relation Planet’, you will come across quite a few different scores. Datingsites.nl gives the platform a 3.5 out of 5. Topdatingwebsites come no further than a 2.2 out of 5. Via Google reviews this is only a 2. And if we believe NederlandReview.nl, you end up with an 8, 4 out of 10. What are we to believe?

I went to the website with the most reviews – it’s Datingsites.nl. With so much user feedback, you kind of expect this to be the site with the most grounded answers. At Datingsites.nl I found this:

Messages are not only read by yourself …

1 star – Written by Amy in August 2019: “When you have problems, your problems are not really processed. RP is not as it used to be. There is an employee there named John who edits and reads my messages and pictures unsolicited. When I made him aware of it, he said I had given permission, which is wrong. Reported on RP but is the same John who answered my messages on RP’s website. RP falls under the Telegraaf. Contacted but doing a little myself. They will not put their own problems in the newspaper. I also mentioned discrimination because not everyone is treated equally on RP. I had a girlfriend who was signed up for vacation with the lyrics sweet lady on vacation in NL looking for a date or friends for company. After a few days, her profile was deleted without reporting and why. I then called RP but there was no concrete reason to remove her profile. After that call, her profile was lifted again. This is not the only experience with them. I could go on and on about how this dating site treats people.
If you think that your messages are only read by you, you are completely wrong. ”

The self-proclaimed expert speaks …

3 stars – Posted by Erwin in September 2017: “

Dear Sirs,

I can say that after years of being a member of RP, I have become a bit of an expert here. I have definitely been on nice dates and also with beautiful women, also been in a 3 year relationship in the meantime thanks to RP. But I should mention that the percentage of women with problems is on the high side.
As a man, you have to have a little patience and not want to meet too fast, have humor and then the ladies automatically come up with a suggestion to meet. As a man, it is important not to be pushy.
I often get reactions from women who are (much) older than me and / or who are quite overweight. “Body image and self-image are always connected,” said Dr. Phil always ;-). If you are literally not comfortable in your own skin as a woman, then it is figuratively often not. Men are warned about women with low self-esteem and an unprocessed past. If you get this impression with a lady, do not start it, only trample. And ladies, for god’s sake go into therapy or something.
I often hear from women that men are only looking for sex. It’s a shame, of course, because they’re ruining things for men like me who really want a permanent relationship. Fortunately, this can be reported on RP, and it is clear that it is not the intention to make sexual comments. If enough women report this, such a profile will be blocked after a warning.
Conclusion: there are really very cute women on this site, but it requires a bit of searching. If you become a member for a year, it costs you converted 5.50 € per month, in my experience it is worth a try. Have fun and be yourself! ”

Pino has also started dating

5 stars – Written by Pino in October 2016: “I have been active ‘on’ Relation Planet for almost two months now and I have now been on 5 dates. I do not really understand the criticism. I love it and it’s a perfect platform to find someone. Yes, there are ladies who make a lot out of the distance, but then there is still enough left to do something fun with. And yes, I want to provide a nice profile with enough pictures and extra text. The level does not really matter that much. When you meet, I immediately know what I have to do with level, it is much more important. It’s about finding the one ……… .and that she’s among them is for sure. †

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