Ÿnsect Holland pursues an innovative social policy and announces a new recruitment campaign

Ÿnsect, the world’s largest producer of ingredients made from insects, will implement an innovative social policy from 1 March 2022 and recruit 120 new colleagues in the Netherlands within 3 years. Ÿnsect revolutionizes the food chain and responds to today’s major challenges: to feed the planet, fight global warming and preserve biodiversity

“The trend towards more sustainable and healthy food is still in its infancy, but the demand for products that meet these standards will increase exponentially in the coming years. † said Tom Mohrmann, general manager of nsect Nederland.

Insect: world leader of tomorrow’s agriculture

By acquiring Protifarm (Ÿnsect Netherlands) in April 2021, Ÿnsect strengthened its position not only in the Dutch market but also in the international market for insect-based food ingredients for human consumption. Ÿnsect Group’s acquisition of the Dutch company resulted in increased production capacity and a large number of skilled workers: The Dutch company employs approximately 70 people in production, R&D and various staff departments. Ynsect is currently active in 3 countries: in France, the USA and Ermelo in the Netherlands. A recruitment campaign has recently been launched, which shows that Ynsect is in full development.

Employee-centered policy

For Ÿnsect, its employees are the best ambassadors for the company, where everyone has the same goal: to reinvent the food chain worldwide without consuming the earth, through the use of insects.

“From the beginning, we want to make changes to intensify the relationship between our employees and the company. It is important that we implement changes that are appropriate in today’s society, such as measures for equality in the workplace, the pursuit of a good work-life balance, and not only focus on pay, but look at compensation in an integrated way. working. Against this background, we have implemented an innovative and social policy in France and now also in the Netherlands. † says Antoine Hubert, co-founder and CEO of nsect.

“Our employees are at the heart of the company”, said Tom Mohrmann, “That is why we want to pursue an attractive and valuable HR policy that is fully in line with our values. The Netherlands is strategically important in the group, and we aim to recruit 120 people within 3 years. Our ambition for further development is constantly growing, and we are more than excited to be part of tomorrow’s nutrition, as innovative and effective as possible. †

Below are a few examples of new employment relationships within Ÿnsect Holland’s HR policy that were implemented in March 2022:

  • Ÿnsect raises the minimum wage for its Dutch employees by almost 18%,

Because all employees contribute to a collective success, Ÿnsect has increased its annual gross salary by almost 18% to € 25,000.00 Ÿnsect expands Ÿnvest to the Netherlands: buying shares is an opportunity for all employees, so that everyone can share in the organization’s growth

The goal is clear: to let all employees of Ÿnsect share in the growth of the organization. For this purpose, Ÿnvest has been established, and within Ÿnvest, all employees who want to invest in the organization are gathered. This company is owned by the employees and is a shareholder in Ÿnsect. To gain access to the shareholding, the Ÿnsect employee must have a permanent contract and have worked for the organization for more than 6 months.

“Ÿnsect was born and continues to evolve through the contributions, talent and expertise of all employees. It is essential to further develop the company and offer any employee who wishes the opportunity to become a shareholder. Today, 90% of French employees have decided to invest participate and invest in nect. Of course, we hope that the Dutch colleagues will also join. It is more than an investment, it is a testament to the support and trust of the organization. »Said Antoine Hubert, co-founder and CEO of nsect.

  • Ÿnsect introduces its own paternity leave scheme. In this way, Ynsect wants to stimulate equality between men and women.

Gender equality is an important strategic spearhead for Ÿnsect.

Insect’s paternity leave consists of 10 weeks of fully paid leave.

Technical staff wanted

Innovation and sustainability are core concepts at Ÿnsect. Ÿnsect Netherlands has a team of highly motivated professionals who work daily to make a difference in a process that is constantly being adapted and optimized. Working at nsect is therefore an opportunity to push boundaries and develop within a sector that is in full swing: breeding insects and producing sustainable ingredients.

New ‘insects’ are sought for the production company in Ermelo, these are the 7 profiles:

  • operators Process technology and optimization of production processes.
  • maintenance technicians
  • Process engineers
  • Automation engineers
  • Civil engineer
  • Electrical and instrument engineer
  • HR advisor
  • Head of Communications

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