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Dec 2

The mayor and councilor have established the New Energy Environment Program 2021-2030 together with the associated Implementation Program 2021-2025 and the Stimulation Plan for sun on the roof, parking lot and facade. It incorporates the Hengelo approach to generating sustainable energy through solar and wind. The program includes locations of solar fields and wind turbines and how and with whom the municipality wants to realize them. Before the development sites for wind turbines are released for development, the Commission wants to carry out more comprehensive research into the effects on the environment. An OER (Environmental Effect Report) is being prepared with the other municipalities in Twente. But the impact of solar fields on the environment is also being studied. The city council has yet to make a decision.

The New Energy Environment Program is a logical follow-up to the preliminary draft of the New Energy Environment Program, which the Executive Board adopted in early September and sent out for public consultation.


The municipality has received more than 300 views from interested parties in and outside Hengelo. These views have been collected and processed. Due to the views, some things in the environmental program have been adjusted, such as the decision to first wait for the OER before the search sites are released for development. 48% of the views relate to the area at the junction A35-A1. Submitters express their concern about the effects that wind turbines can have on health, nature, spatial integration, impact on the landscape and safety. 45% is about Beckum and the surrounding area. Submitters state, among other things, that they are aware that Hengelo must produce sustainable energy, but they are also concerned about the impacts in the countryside if the wind turbines cannot be realized and are afraid of extra solar fields in Beckum and Oele. All people who have submitted a view will be notified shortly. They receive the Declaration of Sight (digitally) and receive feedback on what the municipality does with their views. The City Council will soon discuss this topic in a political market. When is not yet known. (analysis of views in Annex 1)

Solar and wind energy

The main points of the New Energy Environment Program with the associated Implementation Program and Stimulation Plan have remained the same. Hengelo wants to generate almost half of the energy demand itself sustainably in 2030. In order not to make this task bigger, the municipality is doing everything to save energy and will draw up an incentive plan for this. In addition, Hengelo wants to cover the roofs as much as possible with solar panels (at least 20% of the roofs). The municipality has therefore prepared a Stimulation Plan for sun on the roof, parking lot and facade. Because not all roofs are suitable, it is not enough to use only roofs. The municipality therefore chooses two large wind turbines (peak height 210 -250 meters) and the rest solar panels on the ground (30 to 65 hectares, depending on whether the wind turbines are to be built). There are still three search sites left for wind energy; two at the A1 junction with the A35 and one at the Twentekanaal Zuid business park. The municipality wants to make the area between Nobian and Twence a solar field.

Research in health and the environment

Wind turbines and solar fields are clearly visible in the landscape and have an impact on the living environment in Hengelo and neighboring municipalities. For example, people are worried about noise and shadows from the wind turbines or think that solar fields affect the green environment. Therefore, the choice of locations must be made very carefully. Also because Hengelo has relatively little territory and many inhabitants. The municipality participates together with the rest of the Twente region to have an environmental impact assessment (OER) prepared with a plan environmental impact report. This is an in-depth study of the effect of wind turbines on the surrounding residential areas, health, bird and animal species, landscape and other possible effects. But the effects of solar fields and sustainable alternatives to natural gas are also being studied. Preparations for the in-depth study started after the summer. The survey itself will start in the spring of 2022 and is expected to continue until the end of 2022. The results of these studies say something about the impact on the environment. The results also provide more clarity about the 14 municipalities’ energy projects. Only when the results are known will the municipality decide whether the search sites for wind turbines will be released for development. The municipality also closely follows the results of the RIVM surveys and works with GGD Twente when it comes to public health. Hengelo municipality has already conducted various studies for the area between Nobian and Twence. This shows that this area is suitable for the realization of a solar field. This energy project can start in early 2022. An assessment of the solar field’s impact on the environment is part of the in-depth study that Twente municipalities are jointly undertaking.

Conditions for energy projects

The municipality has already defined conditions that energy projects must meet. These are described in the new energy implementation program, also known as the invitation framework. Hengelo will not develop all projects itself. Others, such as local energy cooperatives, will help with that. By describing the conditions well, they know what to relate to. The most important condition is that the environment must also be able to benefit from energy projects for solar or wind energy. Part of the income from an energy project goes to an area fund. Together with the municipality, the residents can decide what the money can be used for in the area. Energy projects must be more than 50% locally owned. An energy project on municipal land must even belong to 100% of the community.

The comprehensive New Energy Environment Program, the Stimulation Plan for solar on roofs, car parks and facades and the New Energy Implementation Program can be found here:

Final design New energy environment program 2021 – 2030

Appendix 1. analysis of the views in the New Energy Environment Program

Appendix 2. Public edition of the New Energy Environment Program

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