Draft design zoning plan for redesign of Mayor Winklerplein ready

SLIEDRECHT – The draft zoning plan for the redesign of Burgemeester Winklerplein is ready and is now being sent to the consultation partners (including the province, the water council, the security region) for consultation. “The Zuid-Holland Retail Advisory Committee will also advise on the proposed expansion of the retail trade,” said Councilor Piet Vat (SGP-ChristenUnie), coordinating portfolio holder of the Burgemeester Winklerplein project, on Tuesday evening, February 15, 2022 during a resolution. constituent council meeting.

In mid-December 2021, the city council unanimously approved the council proposal for the redesign of Burgemeester Winklerplein. The City Council approved the plan (program), the urban development preconditions and the land use. This paves the way for starting the planning procedure. (Situation drawing Sliedrecht municipality)

In preparation for the zoning plan procedure, various studies have been carried out, such as a study of sound quality, flora & fauna, soil quality, parking and traffic circulation. A Distribution Planning Survey (DPO) has been prepared in connection with the establishment of retail.

Environmental permit
In 2019/2020, the municipal council has made a coordination decision based on the Physical Planning Act. Va: “Therefore, the environmental approval for Building Part B is prepared and started at the same time. The application for environmental approval has been submitted and is now under consideration. The Welfare Commission has issued a positive advice. “

In recent weeks, the municipality of Sliedrecht has spoken to three of the four property owners. “These conversations are a first step in getting in touch with the property owners again with the aim of improving the relationship and gaining insight into the replacement property they want. There is still a long way to go, but the first talks have been positive and constructive, “Vat told the city council on Tuesday night.” We have agreed to make a proposal to the owners within the next three months on the purchase of the property and of a offer of replacement of real estate. “

Design plan outdoor space
According to Vat, the construction project manager is in the process of arranging the outdoor space. Va: “For this purpose, research is carried out into soil quality and traffic flow, among other things. The basic principle is that the parking balance must also be realized physically. We conclude that it is possible. “According to him, the design of the outdoor space is coordinated with various political departments.” We are not only looking at the possibility of integrating market and events, but water, green, sustainability and traffic are also important points of discussion, says Vat.

Letter to local residents
Sliedrecht municipality has had ‘good conversations’ with local residents, who have approached the municipality with questions about the plan. Vat: “The questions are primarily about parking and accessibility. We intend to send out a newsletter and / or resident letter in the coming weeks, where we would like to provide an update on the current situation. Also, once again provide insight into the possibilities of presenting a view of the draft zoning plan. ”

Prospects available for inspection
According to Vat, if the consultation partners’ advice is received in time and they agree with the draft zoning plan, this can be submitted to the Municipal Council with the draft environmental approval in March. ‘The documents will then be reviewed for a period of six weeks for any comments. In the subsequent period, views can be assessed and the zoning plan can be finalized, “says Vat. The area plan is then expected to be adopted in October 2022. According to the councilor, the environmental permit for Building Part B can then also be granted. Va: “You can appeal directly against these decisions to the Council of State. If this option is not used, construction can start in 2023. ”

Time schedule
An indicative schedule is included in the schedule below, which was presented to the City Council on Tuesday evening:

  • First quarter 2022: Design area plan + environmental permit for B (coordinated completed)
  • 1st to 3rd quarter 2022: Preparation of building C and DO for conversion of public space Design zoning plan and permit for vision
  • Third quarter 2022: Adopt area plan
  • Q4 2022: Complete acquisition
  • First quarter 2023: Start construction B, without business
  • Second quarter 2024: Delivery B
  • Third quarter 2024: Start demolition and BRM block C
  • Fourth quarter 2024: Start construction of construction part C, if no business
  • Fourth quarter 2026: Completion of new construction C
  • First Quarter 2027: Completion of Public Space

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