Makeover for Yamaha Tricity 125 and 155

For 2022, Yamaha is renewing the contents – two versions: 125 and 155 cc – of the two-cylinder block on the popular Tricity three-wheeled car. With the new Blue Core EURO5 engine and an improved chassis to increase the feeling of comfort and stability, the latest version of the Tricity 125 ‘is the ideal choice for frequent city users’ who want a scooter that is practical and easy to use use. Since its launch in 2014, this three-wheeled urban mobility vehicle has gained a strong following among style-conscious, quality-conscious scooter riders. For 2022, the Yamaha Tricity 125 is unsurpassed as the only three-wheeled car in Europe’s all-time great 125cc class. The Tricity 125 and the more powerful Tricity 155 offer the mobility and maneuverability of a traditional scooter, combined with the stable handling that comes with a tricycle.

Blue Core EURO5 block

Tricity 125 is the latest generation of EURO5 engines, designed and built using Yamaha’s Blue Core technology to minimize emissions while delivering high-efficiency performance. With a forged piston, newly designed cylinder head, larger intake valve and higher compression ratio, Tricity benefits from Yamaha’s VVA (Variable Valve Actuation) technology, which provides good acceleration with lively performance and low fuel consumption. The scooter is also equipped with a 32-bit SGCU (Starter Generator Control Unit), which fully integrates the new engine’s electrical and electronic functions, including fuel supply, power generation and Start-Stop system, to deliver more environmentally friendly performance. to ensure. The SGCU also controls the engine’s new Smart Motor Generator system, which combines the previous model’s separate generator and starter motor functions into a more compact unit. The new Smart Motor Generator system uses the crankshaft directly, eliminating the gear noise from the previous system and causing the engine to start and restart extremely quietly.

Stop. Start?!

The new Start-Stop system for Tricity 125 makes this city scooter less intrusive and more comfortable to drive in city traffic. It is designed to switch off the engine when the Tricity 125 stops at a traffic light and restarts automatically when the accelerator is stepped on. To optimize efficiency, SGCU continuously monitors driving conditions and prevents excessive stops and starts in situations such as dense traffic where the engine can stop and restart in a matter of seconds.

Yamaha’s unique LMW Ackermann steering system on the new Tricity 125, with the same basic transmission design as used on the NIKEN Sport Tourer and Tricity 300 motorcycles, has been optimized for 2022 and has a revised layout where the tilt axis is slightly offset from the steering axis. Tricity 125’s front wheels and revised steering geometry design provide safer driving, especially on wet or uneven surfaces.

Revised chassis

Tricity 125 has a new frame design with a number of improvements, including a 60 mm longer wheelbase and revised engine mounts, intended for better overall balance and more fun to drive. Like its predecessor, the 2022 design benefits from increased torsional and longitudinal stiffness, as well as a carefully matched level of flexibility that contributes to the scooter’s natural feel. Together with the revised steering characteristics of the latest LMW Ackermann system, the newly developed chassis offers excellent driving quality with a high level of comfort, even on uneven surfaces such as cobblestones or sidewalks.

The rear suspension with dual shock absorbers has been refined and adapted to the revised chassis design. The overall length of the rear shock absorbers has been increased to provide a smooth, progressive suspension travel over 90 mm, providing excellent rider and passenger comfort. Spring adjustment and damping resistance have also been improved, resulting in stable operation of the rear suspension, even when carrying a passenger and driving on poor quality city roads.

The Yamaha Tricity 125 is also equipped with the Unified Brake System (UBS), which automatically distributes the braking force between the front and rear wheels when the rear brake is activated. On the 2022 Tricity 125, the braking force distribution between the front and rear brakes has been optimized to ensure a smooth and stable braking.

New LCD instrumentation with smartphone connection

By downloading Yamaha’s free MyRide app on your smartphone and linking it to the scooter’s VIN number, you can always stay connected. Drivers can view real-time notifications of incoming calls, social media, emails and text messages from their smartphone on the new LCD instrument panel. Owners of the Tricity 125 can also use the MyRide app to view a range of data, such as fuel economy. Riders can also compare their driving data with other Yamaha MyRide app users, share their driving experiences and export riding information, and connect with other MyRiders to view photos, compare routes, and discover new locations. There is also Smart Key keyless ignition.

Finally, the foot area is wider, the passenger steps have been improved, and the headlight in front is wider. Tricity 125 and Tricity 155 are available in two new colors: Petrol Blue and Sand Gray. In addition, both models are also available in matt gray.

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