Multi-platinum artist and producer G-Eazy joins forces with the Oneof on genesis NFT collection

“THE GERALDS” is designed by Dzanar and pays tribute to G-Eazy’s influential style with exclusive music

With the launch of multi-platinum artist and producer G-Eazy’s first NFT collection ever, OneOf has continued its mission of bringing the next 100 million non-crypto-native fans to Web3. Ever since G-Eazy joined ‘Project Coral Reef’ in 2017, G-Eazy has been steadfast in its efforts to unite both music-loving and crypto-tuned worlds. Now, in collaboration with OneOf’s sustainable, inclusive and accessible platform, powered by Quincy Jones and specially built for music, sports and lifestyle, G-Eazy effortlessly enters the NFT space and celebrates its distinctive sense of fashion through a range of collectibles and experiences with the appropriate name: ‘The Geralds’.

In collaboration with Dutch record artist Dzanar, who has produced recordings for Ed Sheeran, Kesha and others, each “Gerald” NFT portrays a unique feature of G-Eazy with its own characteristics and styles. Represented in the levels Green, Gold, Platinum and Diamond, ‘The Geralds’ is sold in ‘packs’ and offers the opportunity to collect various combinations, as well as the chance to win super rare cards that come with exclusive music, holder programs and one-time benefits such as VIP- tickets for one

G-Eazy concert, party with G-Eazy at Resorts World Las Vegas, dinner with him and his friends in LA and much more.

The collection is launched today on OneOf, with details on tokenomics and more available HERE.

Speaking of the partnership with OneOf and Dzanar to bring “The Geralds” to life, G-Eazy says: “This partnership with OneOf has been delayed for too long. My debut NFT collection has been a work of love that combines “music, fashion and technology to showcase all the different sides of Gerald. I think we all share the same vision of creating a sustainable Web3 future, and I’m really excited to have my fans involved.”

“I love to set my imagination in motion and create art that exudes style and substance,” says Dzanar. “Working with OneOf and G-Eazy on ‘The Geralds’ has allowed me to express art that bridges many areas and brings different sides closer together. This project gave rise to artistic freedom and beauty, the things that I find it extremely important in the work I do. “

With up to two million times less energy to generate an NFT than other networks, OneOf is the leading platform paving the way for a more fan-friendly, inclusive and environmentally friendly web3 future. Users can purchase their NFTs using credit / debit cards and many major cryptocurrencies, while OneOf offers partners the opportunity to donate portions of their NFT proceeds to charities of their choice.

“G-Eazy has been a trend setter in music and fashion throughout his career,” said Lin Dai, CEO of OneOf. by millions of fans around the world that NFTs can be fun, affordable and packed with programs and unforgettable experiences. “

In addition to G-Eazy, OneOf has launched the debut NFT collections from artists such as Cordae, Doja Cat and Masego. The company has also partnered with The Recording Academy, Warner Music Group, The Breakfast Club, Sports Illustrated, iHeartRadio Music Festival, The Whitney Houston Estate and The Christopher Wallace Estate for its upcoming Notorious BIG NFT collection. Most recently, OneOf CO // SIGN unveiled a new program that reinvents the fan club and strengthens the new generation of music breakthrough stars. By providing creative, financial and marketing support to artists such as Amindi, Rakeem Miles and mazie, CO // SIGN uses NFTs and Web3 technology to facilitate a new financial bond between the musician and the tab. Read more about the program and the first artists HERE.

About G-Eazy
Multi-platinum recording artist and producer G-Eazy has established himself as a leading force in the music and touring world. His third studio album The Beautiful & Damned (2017) debuted as No. 3 on the Billboard 200, received two No. 1 radio hits, “No Limit” with A $ AP Rocky and Cardi B and “Him & I” “with Halsey, and is has since been certified platinum by the RIAA. The seven-time platinum single “No Limit” has been streamed more than 1 billion times worldwide to date. The People’s Choice Award for “Favorite Hip-Hop Artist”, was named one of Forbes’ “30 Under 30” and appeared in publications such as GQ Italia, Rollacoaster, Numero NL, XXL and Flaunt, and his influence extends throughout the fashion world, where he is often hailed as the rapeseed’s James Dean for his fashionable style, and he regularly appears on GQ’s best dressed and best groomed lists.

In 2021, the rapper delighted fans with the long-awaited release of his critically acclaimed fourth studio album: These Things Happen Too. These Things Happen Too is the follow-up to his debut LP These Things Happen and highlights G’s growth since 2014’s breakthrough album. The 19-track album shows G’s multifaceted artistry with a diverse, yet eclectic work that highlights his first full work. -length record since 2017’s critically acclaimed The Beautiful & Damned. G continues to expand his interests in the cryptocurrency world, he is an investor in YAT and Tari, owns several NFTs and even accepted Bitcoin and Monero as currency for his album, The Beautiful and Damned, to buy.

About Dzanar
Dzanar Abbas-Zade, 34, grew up in a creative family. His father is a painter and sculptor, and his mother was an architect. After discovering graphic design at the age of 15, he graduated from the Graphic Design School in Zwolle and started his agency called: Dzanar Productions. With over 19 years of experience, he has been hired by leading names in the music industry like Akon, Chris Brown, Ed Sheeran, Kesha, Jeremy Renner to produce visual designs.

About OneOf
OneOf is deeply committed to a sustainable blockchain future and is an NFT platform designed to create a sustainable, creative and fan-friendly experience. Built on the environmentally responsible proof-of-stake blockchain Tezos, embossing an NFT on OneOf’s platform uses up to 2 million times less energy than other proof-of-work networks, and it costs its artists and brand partners to emboss. of NFTs $ 0 in blockchain transaction fees. OneOf aims to bring the next 100 million non-crypto-native fans to Web3 by removing technical barriers and enabling fans to pay for their NFTs with credit / debit cards and many major cryptocurrencies. OneOf is committed to charities and offers partners using their platform the opportunity to donate portions of their NFT revenue to charities of their choice.

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