These couples have to test their relationship on TV with Beau (again)

To test your relationship and that on TV, we will not call it innovative. On the contrary. However, six engaged couples will do so in a relationship program with a completely different sauce. The turtle doves (or not …) are competing for a honeymoon in the new RTL 4 program Race for the rings

From Thursday 26 May, Beau van Erven Dorens presents this new Race for the rings† In the program, six couples with wedding plans test the strength of their relationship and compete against other couples to “win the honeymoon of their lives.”

Test conditions in ‘exciting race’ competition

RTL promises ‘an exciting race’, right through Jordan. No, of course it is not possible in Dokkum or Cadzand. Physically and mentally exhausting ‘and sometimes fun’ tasks have been devised. You will need a little heat and desert sand for that. Can love withstand the hardships of the desert – where it can also be freezing cold – and the stress of this race? And are they together strong enough to beat the other couples?

These are the first glimpses of Race for the rings

Meet the couples from Race for the Rings

Bilal and Sanne – Zeeland, Zierikzee

27-year-old Sanne (nurse) and 29-year-old Bilal (architect) grow up in Zierikzee in Zeeland. As they both get to work in the same beach club, the flames spread between the two. Their difference in origin and culture causes some misunderstanding in their environment at the beginning of their relationship.

Race for the Rings Bilal True
Bilal and Sanne. Photo: Shotbysud

But now they have been happy for each other for eleven years, and so do both of their families. Bilal proposed to Sanne in a romantic gazebo on the beach, which they know in Zeeland. Race for the rings they see as a big challenge. They are curious about how they will cope together in other, tough circumstances.

Lauren and Bart – South Holland, Pijnacker

The sporty Bart, 32 (headhunter) and 32-year-old Lauren (company employee) both grow up in Leidschendam-Voorburg municipality. They have known each other long before they get a relationship. Bart used to be in love with Lauren, but then there is no question of a flirtation. Until they meet again twelve years ago when they go out.

Race for the rings Bart Lauren
Lauren and Bart. Photo: Shotbysud

Bart throws all his charm into battle and conquers Lauren’s heart. Last year, Bart proposed to Lauren in a hot air balloon in the middle of the Serengeti. A dream proposal. On Race for the rings they want to participate fully and with 100 percent commitment.

‘Ideal Couple for Race for the Rings’

Joeri and Renate – Gelderland, Eefde

This entrepreneurial couple met ten years ago in Doetinchem in Gelderland. During an evening in the city, the now 40-year-old Joeri (car dealer) falls for the now 50-year-old charming Renate (owner of a slimming and exercise studio). Despite the big age difference, the two fall madly in love with each other. Especially for Renate, the difference is getting used to in the beginning, but love wins.

Race around the rings Yuri Renate
Yuri and Renata.

The couple loves luxury and likes to go out and eat a delicious dinner. So it’s no surprise that Renate proposed to her beloved Joeri in their favorite Michelin-starred restaurant. Because they know what hard work is, they consider themselves the ideal couple for Race for the rings† They are also curious about how it is for them not to live in luxury for a while.

Leonie and Rick – North Holland, Amsterdam

30-year-old Leonie (anesthesiologist) and 33-year-old Rick (general practitioner) got to know each other six years ago in the nightlife of Amsterdam. Rick fell in love with Leonie right away. And Leonie could not ignore Rick either. The couple has a great passion for travel, yoga and festivals.

Race for the Rings Leonie Rick
Leonie and Rick. Photo: Shotbysud

Almost three years ago, Rick fell on Leonie’s knees during a romantic boat trip in Rotterdam. Six months later, Leonie also goes on her knees for Rick because she also gives him a romantic courtship and a beautiful engagement ring. Race for the rings seems like a great experience in Jordan for this adventurous couple. They can already see themselves defying the desert with a camel.

Bjørn and Patricia – South Holland, Schoonhoven

Patricia, 27, (nurse) and Bjørn, 33, (process manager) met ten years ago while they were dating. Although it is not love at first sight, after a while they fall wildly in love with each other. The couple has two children at a young age.

Race for the Rings Bjørn Patricia
Bjørn and Patricia. Photo: Shotbysud

Last year, Bjørn proposed to Patricia on the beach in Portugal. It was a romantic courtship at sunset in front of their two children and family. Now that their renovation is almost over and the kids are a little older, the need for excitement and adventure is growing. Of Race for the rings the couple hopes to get out of their comfort zone and get to know each other in a different way.

Thomas and Susan – Overijssel, Deventer

When 37-year-old Susan (family coach) sees 38-year-old Thomas (hearing specialist) standing behind the record player fifteen years ago, she is immediately sold. It’s love at first sight for Susan, but not for Thomas. He’s completely engrossed in his work as a DJ, but Susan perseveres.

Race for the rings Susan Thomas
Thomas and Susan. Photo: Shotbysud

After a lot of patience, her wait is rewarded, Thomas also falls in love with Susan. Although Thomas enjoys his artistic life and has no desire for a house tree, he leaves behind his love of DJing. The couple have now been together for twelve years, they have two daughters and Thomas has even proposed to Susan. The couple believes in following your heart, and that’s exactly what they do with their participation in the adventure about Race for the rings to do.

Can’t get enough of love (or crying for a loved one) on TV? Temptation Island: Love or Leave is also still in progress. On Videoland.

Race om de Ringen can be seen weekly from Thursday 26 May at 20.30 on RTL 4.

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