What the metaverse changes for fashion brands

A fashion week in a metaverse, an online store in Roblox and millions of investments in Dutch virtual fashion brands: The metaverse and fashion have become inextricably linked at a rapid pace. This means that fashion brands need to work a little differently.

Fashion in the meta-verse

Just as we follow certain personalities on social media such as Instagram and TikTok, we will likely also follow certain new celebrities in Metaverset. Famous means that everyone wants to know what you are wearing, what brands you value, and it is important that you can show it not only in real life but also in the virtual world. Fashion brands must therefore do their best to virtually release their designs.

Not only to present their brand, but also to make money. Especially if the virtual fashion is also available in virtual stores so that other people in the meta-verse can also buy and wear it. Fashion brands see it: Gucci said last year that it’s only a matter of time before big fashion houses start making non-fungible tokens.

Dolce & Gabbana NFTs

In fact, Gucci (like Ralph Lauren) has already started making clothes in the virtual world (via the avatar app Zepeto). But with fashion NFTs, Dolce & Gabbana dominate. The brand released a digital collection of nine NFT garments in October under the name Genesis Collection. The proceeds? $ 5.7 million.

In the coming years, we’ll probably see more and more clothes come out in real life and in the virtual world: the same clothes so you can look like your avatar in real life (or vice versa of course). We have already seen something like this because, for example, Balenciaga has clothing for sale in Fortnite that is based on genuine Balenciaga clothing. Now Fortnite is a game, but in fact also a metavers: people meet in it, talk to each other, buy things: in that sense, something that has always been known as a game has now turned out to be a metavers.

The manufacturer from Holland

Also in the Netherlands, fashion has something to do with the meta-verse, because we already have a high-profile digital fashion brand. It’s called The Fabricant and aims to make real world fashion more sustainable and technological.

It has just completed an investment round in which 13 million euros were raked in, thanks to investments from former Madonna manager and actor Ashton Kutcher (who is also known, for example, from the TV show Shark Tank). With this, the company wants to create a collection for the meta-verse, which will undoubtedly be for sale at The Fabricant Studio, its own ‘OpenSea’, where it is also possible to design your own clothes for the meta-verse.

Fashion Week in Decentraland

Even more fashion? Decentraland held the first fashion week a few weeks ago, where you could take a seat on the catwalk and see avatars from all over the world parade past in the new virtual clothes. The fashion house Etro’s fashion show showed clothes by Roberto Cavalli, Tommy Hilfiger and Dolce & Gabbana. Shoe brand Giuseppe Zanotti also released NFTs of its cobra sneakers that week. Decentraland even has a fashion district where the land is sold for millions. Fashion in the meta-verse is ultimately expected to become an industry for $ 1 trillion a year. Not billions: trillions.

Although one would think that people would really like to feel the fabrics in their hands for fashion, fashion houses are also enthusiastic about making fashion in the virtual world. That’s because you have a lot more freedom here: In the virtual world, you could make a dress with all the frills floating up, as if someone is constantly underwater: you can not in the real world. Not realistic at least.

Trendsetter is sought

It is still unknown to what extent fashion houses will also make use of this, or whether they will keep their designs a bit simpler so that a reality variant can be made that looks exactly the same. For now, it’s fine and understandable, but in the end, virtual fashion is likely to grow into something as trend-setting in the virtual world as it is in the real world. The only question is: who makes the Ugg or the Canada Goose equivalent in the digital world?

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