From bar garden to lovely place with Mediterranean atmosphere

The couple lives with their two small children in their lovely house in Hoorn. For the first time, they have a house with a garden, so gardening is completely new to them. Due to lack of time and skill, they have not yet taken steps to tackle the garden. They like to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Garden designer Huib Schuttel has created a cool design and Tom wants to transform the garden into a wonderful place to meet.

Update ivy

As a first step, Tom pruned the ivy that was already in Richelle and Marijn’s garden. This already provides a good basis for the green. Tom also gives tips on pruning the plant. It is important that you prune such a plant at least three times a year. Otherwise it will be very wide and it is of course a waste of space in the garden. As another tip, Tom suggests that it is best to wait until after the frost with the first pruning of the year. If you prune it before the frost, you can damage the plant considerably, and that is of course a shame.

Old out, new in

The tiles that lay in the garden were sad and gray. So they radiated no atmosphere at all and not at all the Mediterranean atmosphere that Richelle and Marijn wanted to see in their garden. That’s why Tom took them all out – except at the driveway. The artificial grass was also removed, because of course it is not nice for the delicate children’s feet in the summer.

Tom has combined two types for the new tiles: Light gray concrete tiles for the substrate and as a counterpart he has laid warm brown concrete tiles with beautiful motifs in the garden. These really give the Portuguese look that the couple wants. The tiles are also easy to maintain. They have a coating that protects the tile for a long time and is easy to clean.


To separate the entrance from the lounge area, Tom has chosen to place a flowering climbing plant – the evergreen Clematis armandii – at the edge of the lounge area. Dipladenia (or Mandevilla splendens) also has space against the fence. With the beautiful pink, trumpet-shaped flowers, it gives a cozy, summery atmosphere to the garden.

dinning room

When you enter the backyard through the house, you come directly to the dining area. Tom has built a beautiful pergola here to give it a cozy feel. The pergola is made of Douglas wooden poles. It’s better not to place these directly in the ground, so Tom has put them on concrete footing.


Richelle and Marijn have three bins in the garden. And since almost everyone agrees with this, they are not really nice additions to the garden. Or maybe even sore eyes. That’s why Tom has hidden them behind a conversion. This has gotten a little higher than the clicks themselves. This way you can still enjoy the fine pear tree growing up the wall.


Throughout the garden, Tom has not tiled several places where he has placed plants. To bring back the southern European atmosphere, he has chosen to plant two olive trees (Olea europaea). Tom has also given the wall flower (or Erysimum), the donkey’s ear (Stachys byzantina) and Lavandula stoechas (or creled lavender) a great place to fill the edges. These plants give more greenery in the garden and with the purple flowers of the lavender and wall flower, it all lights up.

“I’m just really curious …”

Richelle wanted to know from the start what the design for the garden was, but Marijn really wanted to be surprised. “I’m just really curious what it turned out to be,” says Marijn. Richelle is also very curious about the end result.

As the couple enters the garden, they are amazed. “I really did not expect this,” says Marijn in astonishment. They are very happy with their new Mediterranean garden. Another successful job!

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