Tips for designing social networks

Running a business without social networks is now difficult. Competitors who are actively working with users of Facebook, Instagram and other platforms will be ahead of you. Most of these users are your customers, potential and current. Involve them, communicate, respond – and you raise awareness of your brand and improve your company’s performance. We tell you where to start: think about how to design a social network and make it a full representation of your business.

What do companies need social networks for?

The audience of social networks is approximately 3.2 billion users worldwide in 2019.

The number of users is huge, and with it the potential to grow your business. What can social media do for your business if you take the right approach?

1. Reputation control. A company account is the official representative, referenced by the media and public figures. In social networks, you can immediately publish information, respond in a timely manner to events and risks.

2. Extension of the range. First and foremost, it’s about customers: Setting up social networks allows you to attract a new target group, but also actively collaborate with regular customers who are loyal to the brand. The quality of profile maintenance will also be appreciated by investors, partners and lenders.

3. Feedback. It is a valuable quality of such platforms as they allow direct communication between the user and the brand representative. Answers to questions, reviews, answers to comments, communication in personal correspondence – all this makes it possible to establish effective communication.

4. Increased loyalty. Only a few customers visit your site on a daily basis. But most people spend time on social networks every day. If they interact with your brand, it will become more recognizable and known and the number of loyal visitors will increase.

5. Growth in website traffic. Post links to articles and product pages from the site in your profile. This is the way to increase traffic and thus strengthen your position in Google’s organic search.

How to design a business page on a social network: a checklist

Let’s think about how to properly design a social network. There are some universal rules that apply to any site. In the initial stages, after registering the company page, you should focus on this checklist:

– All visual elements on the account must correspond to the fire book – the official code with rules and standards for the company’s identity. If there is no brand book, you should prepare at least the most important elements in advance: a logo, company color, slogan and font;

Finished photos for profile pictures and covers (for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin). The classic and most correct decision would be to put the brand logo on the profile picture, and the USP, product or company slogan on the front;

– templates for publishing design options. The branded design of social networks is the basis for more recognition. It is necessary to determine a uniform style in advance: from the profile picture to the templates to the posts. You can do this quickly: The Logaster service generates logo options, and then allows you to download them in the form of ready-made profile pictures, covers, watermarks, etc ..;

– sizes of photos and images that meet the requirements of social networks. Each platform has its own standards, and we must adhere to them. You can not upload and post the same image anywhere without proper preparation;

Must have your material a week or two in advance. It is certainly not possible to prepare urgent publications in advance. However, it is possible to prepare entertaining, informative and others. Pre-made posts are the ability to carefully select content for publication and avoid mistakes due to haste.

Instagram Business Page: Design Tips

Consider the rules of business design on social networks, and start with Instagram. The general style of posting is of primary importance on this social network. The profile will look like a whole if you arrange the publications in a certain order. Here are some classic options:

Chess order: make piles of two special styles or colors and change them, as on a chessboard;

– in a row, vertically or horizontally – the placement of the same type of content or images in the same style in a single row.

Important: Brand specialists should choose 2 or 3 core colors (or take the company’s color scheme as a basis) and use them when preparing images. The same goes for filters: it’s better to edit images with the same tools.

It is important to achieve an overall style of Instagram posting. This depends on the brand, the product and the audience’s expectations. The default recommendations are: use repetitive angles, add a special “business element” to each image, make some posts in the form of images.

Facebook Company Profile Design: Top 5 Tips:

Follow these rules when designing a brand page on the social network Facebook:

1. High quality detailed cover. It must be in harmony with the profile picture, in accordance with the company’s identity and color and also contain important information to the public. Text and other data need to be centered, as cover sizes are different on desktop and mobile screens.

2. A memorable profile picture. A brand needs to place its logo, while a specialist or a blogger can use a portrait as a profile picture. A neutral background, no small details and long words are welcome.

“Information” section. The user who is interested in your page will definitely read it. Write short but informative text and avoid common phrases such as “professional team” or “market leaders”.

4. Call to action button. This is placed under the lid and leads to the corresponding page or activates the desired function. There are buttons to go to the online store, get in touch, find the location of the office on the map, etc.

5. Visual content. The posts on Facebook should be supplemented with infographics, photos, pictures and videos. All publications must be done in the same style and the image must be added a watermark: a logo on a transparent background.

How do you create a business page on LinkedIn?

A company profile on LinkedIn can be created from an existing user account, with real contacts, a registration period of more than 1 week and an above average return. The design of the social networking site is concise: just upload the photos to your profile picture and cover. The design requirements are the same as on Facebook. You should also provide a brief description of the site.

This social network appreciates useful and unique content. Publications can and should be branded: in a special style with visual design. Infographics are welcome. We recommend that you replace content that promotes branded products and services with cognitive posts, add images and videos with branded symbols.

5 modern principles for designing company accounts on social networks

The design of social networks can now meet a number of universal recommendations. These are suitable for different business areas and different media platforms.

Clear goals

You should register and maintain a business page and realize what it will bring for the business. In short, there must be a goal and a strategy. The goal must be clear, achievable and measurable. For example, “increase customer reach by 10% in six months.”

Easy access

The fire side must look whole: It’s about the visual and the textual part of the content. Publications must be in harmony with the profile picture. Photos and videos must match the identity of the company.

Valuable content

You can create 100% posts that say “we are the best company”, but who cares? The content plan should include information, advertising and entertainment publications. The content and style of the posts can be determined by studying your audience: people’s interests, needs, financial situation and other factors.

According to a plan

Maintaining a company profile is a well-organized job as part of the company’s overall marketing strategy. In the content plan, it is better to plan releases a week, a month or six months in advance.

Outstanding quality

“Good morning, subscribers” – these and similar “about nothing” posts do not attract the public. About 200,000 new posts are published on social networks every minute. Try to make your content useful and able to evoke emotions. Then you get the expected answer.

You should design and maintain a business page as targeted as you organize marketing campaigns or work towards achieving business goals. Plan your actions, provide quality solutions, focus on the audience so you can count on positive results.

Title: Designing social networks for companies – key recommendations

Description: How to design a brand page correctly on the social network: general tips and tricks for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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