Fitbit Sense Review – Physical and mental coach in one

Where Fitbit already has a series of smartwatches focusing on physical health with Versa, Sense takes it a step further. The watch, which you already have on your wrist for 249 euros, is about physical and mental health. At this price, it falls in the league of Apple Watch SE and Huawei Watch GT3, both of which are comprehensive watches in terms of fitness and health. That Fitbit can keep up with these two superpowers is proven with Sense.

Compact and stylish watch

Fitbit Sense comes with two plastic straps: a short and a long and a charger. When you take Sense out of the box, you notice that the smartwatch is nice and compact. The watch is only 40.5 x 40.5 millimeters large and 12 mm thick and weighs only 33 grams. What you immediately notice is that there are no physical keys on the watch. The square AMOLED display is completely surrounded by a stainless steel edge. In addition, the display is made of Gorilla Glass 3, which ensures that this part is robust and scratch-resistant and your watch will therefore remain beautiful for a long time.

On the left side of the Sense, a touch section is built-in to activate the display from sleep mode and on the right there is room for a speaker. Together with the built-in microphone, it is used for calls and the voice assistant in the smartwatch, among other things. The bottom of the clock is where the real action takes place. This is because the sensors in Sense are located there, with which the watch keeps a close eye on you. Before the watch does this, pair it via Bluetooth with the Fitbit app on your phone, which happens in seconds.

Completely investigated

Once Sense is paired with the app, the sensors in the smartwatch start immediately and there are some. For example, the watch is equipped with a GPS antenna that monitors the distance you travel in a day, and the watch measures the steps and floors you walk every day.

Sense also includes the well-known heart rate sensor, which we already know from other smartwatches, and has a built-in temperature sensor that measures changes in your skin temperature, even when you sleep. A higher temperature can be an indication that there is a flu, for example, or that it is almost that time of the month.

Sense is also equipped with an SpO2 (oxygen saturation) sensor that can measure how much oxygen your blood absorbs and thus report something about your health. This says something about your general condition, for example, even though you can not perform this measurement on request, but the watch only does so while you sleep. The SpO2 measurement requires a bit of the battery, which usually lasts for six days.

Health coach on your wrist?

Together with the gyroscope, altimeter, accelerometer and a large number of training programs such as cycling, bootcamp, running and swimming on board, Sense ensures that you get fitter through life in no time, have that summer body or simply have no excuse for not being active. . In fact, the watch reminds you to move (though you can turn it off).

In addition to these physical measurements, Sense can also tell you something about your mental health and in particular your stress level. This is done via the electrodermal sensor that measures the skin’s electrical conductivity. In just two minutes, the watch can measure whether you have stress or not with these and a few other sensors, but the measurement can be called something special. You need to cover the dial for two minutes and sit completely still until your Sense vibrates. Then you must report how you are feeling, and you will see how the test went, among other things, based on the measurements of the EDA sensor.

Fantastic comprehensive app

On board the watch is also an adjustable Relax program that guides you to breathe to become completely zen. The latter is supported by the Fitbit app just like the sports apps in the smartwatch. Among other things, you will find a number of mindfulness sessions in that app. Some of them are free, but many other applications can only be started if you are a Fitbit Premium member. That subscription costs you around 9 euros a month, but luckily you get half a year for free with the purchase of Sense.

All other features in Sense also report to the app on your smartphone. For example, you can see the results of your sleeping behavior in the app, see your steps and distance, and discover trends (and adjust where necessary). The analyzes give you enough information to know how your goals are and how your general health is doing, but they do not really go into depth. Sense is therefore not a medical device, but a smartwatch.

And the great thing about Sense is that it also manages to excel in that area. You can clearly read messages on the display, install countless apps and games (whether paid or not), set timers, view your agenda and, for example, pay contactlessly via the NFC chip.

The watch also lets you answer calls via the built-in microphone and speaker and get started via Alexa or Google Speech Assistant. There is a slight drawback here, because although speech recognition is particularly good, speaker in the Sense is not the best there is. The sound sounds a bit gentle and is in no way comparable to what comes from the speaker on your phone.

Fitbit Sense Review – Incredibly complete Smartwatch

Fitbit Sense is one of the most comprehensive smartwatches, or actually health watches that can be found at the moment. The smartwatch costs a little, but for that you get a lot of options, sensors, training programs and more in a stylish design. Apart from a few minor points, Sense is a watch that makes cards from the competition and a watch that you can be seen with, whether you have a tight summer body or not.

Pros and cons

  • Compact and stylish
  • Huge mountain of sensors
  • Long battery life
  • Stress measurement
  • Analyzes remain superficial
  • Very hidden behind the Premium subscription

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