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The adventure, in which Martijn (41) and his partner Sean (31) throw themselves out with their dog and three naked cats, has a sad ending. Viewers of I go see how the first gay resort the couple wants to open on Curaçao is filled with cockroaches and termites. But that’s not the biggest problem: the emigration and renovation are taking a heavy toll on the relationship.

To spend more time together, Martijn and Sean bought an empty building on the tropical island for 330,000 euros. There, they will build five studios and two apartments to open the island’s very first gay resort. “A cozy meeting place for like-minded people,” explains Martijn. With the newly introduced gay pride on the island, the couple thinks Curaçao is ready for a pink resort. dark room by the way, is not a place: it must be a cozy place filled with atmospheric light.

Martijn’s father has little faith in his son’s business instincts. The couple’s friends also believe that the men are wrong in relation to the extent of the emigration. “Sometimes I think: it’s not a good plan,” admits a friend. “It’s very different from Holland. You can not force the Dutch mentality there.” They are also in doubt about their attitude towards homosexuals, and that the men think they can build an entire resort in three months also seems a little too optimistic.

When they arrive in Curaçao, Martijn and Sean find that the building is a bit larger than they thought. But the confidence in the contractor is great: according to him, all their wishes are no problem at all. The positive attitude quickly declines when they encounter cockroaches while tearing down. The building also appears to be full of woodworms.


Very sad, but it no longer worked

Five months later, the damage to the house turns out to be less extensive than Martijn and Sean thought, and the old owners also promise to bear part of the extra cost. Viewers can see that it is a little quieter in the house. The word is out: Martijn has ended his relationship with Sean after six years. “Very sad, but that was no longer possible,” he says. The relationship has many ups and downs, and the adventure is the drop. Martijn: “Doing such a renovation together and emigrating still gives a lot of stress. That was stress that became too much for us.”

Sean, meanwhile, is two miles away with his dog and the three cats. He did not see this result coming. According to him, the difference in the characters is the breaking point, something that was interesting in the beginning of the relationship. “Martijn has decided not to bite through that apple, so I’m going home,” Sean explains. “Still, he does not think adventure is a bad choice.” If you do not dare, you do not win. It was a gamble: failed. I hope all goes well, I will give it to him. “

Six weeks after the break, the first guests arrive at the resort. Not all rooms are ready and Martijn had to borrow money from his father. Sean is back in Hilversum, he is busy with a job application and finding a house. “The grieving process is still going on,” he explains of his heartache. “I hope myself that I make good choices, but I also hope that Martijn does.”

I go can be seen on NPO 1 on Saturday at 9.30 pm.

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