How to handle it

It’s never fun when a relationship breaks down. Whether you have been together for a year, three or even ten years, it can be incredibly difficult to get over this. With these tips you can make this difficult time as easy as possible for yourself.


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Give yourself time

Everyone handles grief differently. How long it takes for you to feel like your old self again depends entirely on how painful the breakup was and how you handle it. The important thing to remember here is that there are no rules for how long you may mourn. It’s okay if you do not return to being your happy self right away, then do not feel obligated to be so. Especially after a long relationship, it can feel like a huge hole in your life. This hole needs time to close itself, do not rush.

2. Express your feelings

A good way to deal with your emotions is to express them. You can do this in several ways. For example, you can talk to people, such as friends or your parents. Whether you just want to get rid of your grief or need advice, talking about it helps. What can also help is to write off your feelings. Writing down your emotions in a diary is also a useful way to get them out. Especially because then you can say anything without the opinion of others holding you back.

3. Break your old habits

You may have built up certain habits during your relationship with your ex. While going through a breakup, you may fall back into these habits or be reminded of your ex when doing these activities. Think of simple everyday things you made together. Did you have a favorite bar or restaurant together? Then try the new tent that you have been curious about for a while. Did you always text them when you had good news to share? Send that app to you from now on best friend† Also archive the conversation with your ex in Whatsapp, so you have less tendency to fall back into the habit.

4. Take your seat

In the beginning, you probably need a lot of company. This is not wrong at all. Seeking comfort from friends and family is good in times like these, but remember that it is you who must overcome the emotions. Therefore, take space to be with yourself and list these feelings. It is also possible that your ex would like to remain friends or seek contact. They may mean it well, but that time with yourself is crucial in the beginning. Tell your ex that you need that space. If you need contact, you can always do so.

5. Being single is fun too!

That hole in your life after the breakup might just make you feel like you want a relationship again. Makes sense, because you’ve been used to having a partner for so long. But jumping into a new relationship right after a breakup may not be the best idea. So leave the dating apps alone for a while and focus on yourself first. What are the things you always wanted to do but could not during the relationship? Do this especially now. Take that journey, learn the new language or take up one hobby again. A new partner is coming again, now it’s time for you and you alone!

6. Keep taking care of yourself

It may sound logical, but in times of grief, it sometimes proves difficult to continue to take good care of yourself. Therefore, take time to eat tasty and healthy, for example, make the one that you love so much more often. Also give time to exercise and self-care. It may help to bring a friend, roommate, or family member with you. For example, ask if they feel like cooking, going for a walk, or putting on a face mask while drowning out your favorite program. This in turn provides the opportunity to have useful conversations about what you are experiencing right now.

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