Johan has a family with four children and pays 78 euros a month, including firewood from the stove | Energy bill

Energy billHow much money do you spend on energy at home? How do you try to reduce costs? We ask a Dutchman these questions every week. Today: Johan van den Hoven (46) from Ede municipality.

How do you live?
,, I live with my wife and four children in a corner house from 1999. We have a living area of ​​150 square meters. The insulation is good, but I do not know what exactly was done. When we bought the house four years ago, it had energy label B.

We have twenty solar panels that are conveniently located south to southeast. So our house stands on the corner and the sun heats up the wall all day long when the sun is on it. Therefore, I do not have to do much. We also have a wood-burning stove, but we use it occasionally. It’s actually just there for fun. I notice that the temperature in the house sometimes jumps up when I turn on the stove. Then it will be 25 degrees, and I have to open the doors so that the heat can also go up. ”

What kind of energy contract do you have?
,, I have been with Vattenfall for about twenty years and I like it. At the moment, gas is expensive everywhere, so I swallow the bill. I considered switching a number of times, but it was the work of teeth at the time. I did not think it was worth it. Normally I had long-term contracts, but when my permanent contract recently expired, the advice was not to sign a new contract due to the high prices. So now I have a flexible contract.

Last year, we consumed 710 cubic meters of gas and only 80 kWh of electricity due to the solar panels. With the stove, we burned about 1.5 cubic meters of sustainable, dried wood. I prefer to get it from here. And I paid about 250 euros for it. We paid 57 EUR per month to Vattenfall. In total, we come to 78 euros a month in energy costs. “

What are you doing to lower your energy bill?
,, When I once started independently in my own apartment, I naturally went to see where I could cut costs. I quickly found out that it could also be done with energy costs. In that connection, I am now also the driving force in the house. I once went to a water treatment plant with my children and one becomes aware of the consumption there. I also tell my kids not to take a shower for more than five minutes. Water may not be expensive, but it is valuable. Or I tell them to close the doors when they go out. We also have a display in the living room where I can see exactly how much energy is being used. So I can see if the kids have left their lights on again.

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The dryer is the least energy efficient appliance. We notice that immediately. Then we turn it on when the sun is shining. But because of the panels, we do not need to pay much attention. We also use roller shutters to cover the windows at night, so the heat usually stays inside and in the summer it gives a lot of cooling by keeping the sunlight from the windows. I would like to get rid of the gas completely within two to three years. I have decided not to sponsor Putin. I will then cook on induction and buy a solar heater. And maybe also some extra solar panels and infrared panels in the house for heating.

These solar panels were my best investment ever. Absolutely. I have a lot left over and I use it to pay extra on my mortgage. What I get in sunlight, I pay less in mortgages. A win-win situation. “

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