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From pregnancy and childbirth to puberty problems: In the AD domain Family, we highlight everything that has to do with children and parenthood. Tips, personal stories and background for the news for anyone who plays an active role in a child’s life.

In addition to news and sports, AD is also aware of what we call service journalism. So, as the name suggests, journalism that serves as a service to the reader: answers to questions from everyday life that really help you as a reader. AD works with eight different focus areas, which are also called service domains: Car, Money, Family, Healthy, Cooking & Eating, Technology, Work and Life. Each domain has a permanent editor. For AD Gezin, this is Elise Vermeeren.

Who is the AD domain family for?

Where can you find AD Gezin?
AD Gezin can be found on the site and via the AD app. On the website you can see all the AD service domains in the top horizontal menu bar: Car, Money, Family, Healthy, Cooking and Dining, Technology, Work and Living. If you click on Family, you will come to the page where all the articles on this topic are gathered. In the AD app, Gezin does not have its own section, the articles are part of the regular news offer.

Elise Vermeeren: ,, For fathers, mothers, people who form a family in any way, uncles, aunts, caregivers, people with a desire to have children, grandfathers, grandmothers: all with an active role in a child’s life . It is our target audience, but in the end it is a domain that is relevant to everyone. When schools closed because of the corona, everyone wanted to know what effect it would have on our society. And the personal stories of sick children, parental alienation, healed children or miraculous pregnancies leave no one untouched. ”

Why does Family fit well into AD service journalism?

“Raising a child requires consideration, but above all it is also practical. You work on it day and night. At our domain you will find tips on how to sort out lice and what to do if your child needs to pee on the go. But also what a psychologist says about piercing baby ears, how to talk to his child about the war in Ukraine and what can help a child over his fear of being punctured if he needs to be vaccinated. “

What larger and smaller items can you find at Gezin?

“We bring stories from the beginning of a family to youth problems. Bigger topics are primarily backgrounds for the news. What will it mean for you that childcare will soon be free? What about corona children during the pandemic? And the extended paternity leave: how do fathers experience the extra weeks with their newborns that they otherwise would have had to miss?

Are there recurring sections as well?

,, In Ask the Midwife, midwife Margot van Dijk explains themes from her subject. For example, what is the effect of the ‘golden hour’, whether you can give birth properly if you are too fat (spoiler: yes) or how it is possible to have a miscarriage. Other features include Well-educated, where parents get their questions answered by an expert, and Mother Misery, where we highlight unexpected nuisances and problems in the postpartum period. And the column by Roel Abraham, father of six children. He describes every other week what it is like in a family with six children aged 6 to 18 years.

Which article that has been read a lot lately is actually characteristic of Family?

After the Angry episode of sexually abusive behavior on The Voice, everyone shouted, ‘Educate your sons.’ Nice slogan, but how to do it? Here you can read eleven practical tips, including this: Do not force your child to give that uncle a kiss if you notice that a child does not want it, so that you show that a child can respect his or her own boundaries.

Finally, do you have any three tips for our readers regarding children and parenting?

When in doubt, hug your child. Research shows that it affects your child’s IQ, lowers stress and promotes bonding. The baby’s brain grows rapidly, and hugs stimulate that growth, especially the development of the emotional brain. If you as a parent do not remember it for a while, you can always go back to that basis: to keep your child. ”

“Why don’t you have children yet?” In the interviews we hold with people in a fertility course, couples who are in doubt, people without a partner or women who have had a miscarriage, we almost always hear: Do not just ask the question, because it is painful . Or simply annoying to have to justify oneself over and over again. Then do not do that. ”

“Our stories about realistic mother bodies are very well read. Hence the reminder from Anna Jacobs who started Ode to Mother’s Corpse on social media. It is normal that after a pregnancy you do not fit in your jeans, have loose skin or tiger stripes. And that it remains so. After the birth, the abdomen is covered as quickly as possible, and everyone puts on corrective clothing, but why? “

Elise Vermeeren read journalism and did an internship at NIW, Het Parool and de Volkskrant. She worked for a number of years as a freelance journalist, as a subtitle on Redactie 888 and from 2017 as a finance editor at In 2019, she became responsible for five exchange sections on, which since the beginning of 2021 has been part of the editorial journalism at DPG Media. She is now the editor of Family. Her daughter was born in April 2021: a source of inspiration!

Reporter family, Elise Vermeeren © Private photo

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