Channah Koerten honest about new relationship

After years of on-again, off-again relationship with Quentin Jarrett is Channah Kurten since a few months again happily in love† In conversation with The Telegraph she candidly talks about her brand new relationship with former professional football player Orlando Smeekes

Emigrate to Curacao

For a long time, Channah saw her future with Quentin and their two children tiger and Rumic† Despite their rather rocky She was eager to emigrate with her family to sunny Curaçao, where Quentin’s eldest daughter lives with her mother. “When we were there on vacation, I felt so relaxed. I noticed the same thing with the kids, “says Channah.” No fuss with coats, cardigans, tights and hats: Put on the diaper and go. If they are dirty, just rinse them and they are dry again. Ideal. “Why did we not live there? Tiger and Rumi do not go to school yet, so we felt it was now or never.”

Unfortunately, these rosy plans for the future did not last long: Channah and Quentin decided to put an end to their relationship. “I had not been happy in the relationship for a long time. I found everything annoying, he could not do anything right anymore. Eventually I came to the conclusion that this situation was not good or fun for anyone. Not even for the kids, ”she says of the breakup. “Making the decision was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.”


Channah preferred to distance themselves from Quentin, but that was not possible. “At that time, we were filming on Curaçao for our reality series on Videoland. I would love to have gone home right away, but because Tiger had an ear infection, we were not allowed to fly and we could nowhere, the reality star remembers well.

Because of all the stress and sadness, Channah got neither bitten nor swallowed, and she lost no less than eight kilos. “Online, my followers asked for weight loss tips, and I got compliments on my slim body. Very skewed, because in that moment I was going through the most difficult period of my life. I felt like I had failed, ”she says.

New love

Although her relationship had fallen apart, Channah decided to move on with her emigration plans. Initially, Quentin also had to move, but a few weeks ago he decided to stay in the Netherlands. “I think it’s a shame for the children, but I can not change it. Then we fly back and forth a few more times, “said the reality star. And flying to Holland – she does anyway. Channah has been very fond of Orlando for a few months now.

“What timing, not true. I was not at all preoccupied with a possible new relationship,” she says. After losing so much after the breakup, she went to the gym to gain some weight. There she went her new leaves against the body. “I was seriously in doubt as to whether I should continue. At the same time, I feel that everything is fine. It’s like I’ve known him for ten years, Channah says of his new relationship. “Orlando had a difficult childhood, he also lived with a foster family. It’s nice to be able to talk about it with someone who understands. In the first week, I told him more about myself and my past than I have done in my entire previous relationship! Emigration or not, I can not just let someone like that go. “

long distance

Channah has now officially moved to Curaçao while she girlfriend lives in Holland. Or something like that long distance relationships does it not give a lot of uncertainty? Absolutely not, says the reality star. “The restless feeling, constantly asking yourself what he is doing and with whom, I do not have it at all now. It gives such peace of mind, ”says Channah.

“We agreed a while ago to visit each other once every three months, but now I think it’s way too little,” she continues. “Every month is probably more realistic. And yes, it’s really many flying hours. But I still have to be in the Netherlands regularly to work, so I can not avoid it. Although I think he will in fact come to Curaçao more often than I want to Holland. Ten hours of flying with two small children is hell, haha! ”

Source: De Telegraaf | Photo: BrunoPress

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