Iiyama GB3461WQSU-B1 review: the affordable 1440p ultra-wide screen

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  • Very strong price
  • 1440p, 144Hz and 1ms response time
  • Good color reproduction after playing a bit with the menus


  • Backlight for dark images
  • The point of view could be a little better

Iiyama GB3461WQSU-B1 is an ultra-wide screen with 3440×1440 resolution and a refresh rate of 144Hz at an extremely affordable price. But what do you give up on it?

When I was looking for a new monitor some time ago, this Iiyama GB3461WQSU-B1 caught my eye. After all, I’ve been using the LG 34WK650 for several years now, and I’ve had a penchant for ultra-wide ever since. After all, these are extremely useful when editing photos or videos, multitasking while working or watching a movie in the original 21: 9 aspect ratio. I also like playing games and the extra space can really make a difference.

However, it was time for an upgrade, for games in 2560 × 1080 at 75Hz could no longer convince me and my NVIDIA RTX 3060 TI. Therefore, I went looking for a screen at least 144Hz and the same 34-inch screen that I have become accustomed to. Since 4K is still too demanding at the moment, I decided on cute place from 1440p to go. All requirements that GB3461WQSU-B1 meets. With these specifications, there are quite a few choices, but Iiyama managed to convince me in another way: by the lack of a curved screen.

Curved vs non-curved screens

Curved screens are generally considered superior in this size because they provide better immersion, especially during games. However, as someone who has already worked with photos and video, I have to trust that straight lines are effectively straight, so I like to give up the extra immersion of screens like the Samsung Odyssey G7.

Of course, it has its drawbacks because your screen has to support a wide viewing angle. IPS panels are extremely suitable for this. We had no problems with this with our LG screen, but with this Iiyama GB3461WQSU-B1 we did so you lose some clarity in the corners of the screen and the text is less readable. After using the monitor for six weeks, we hardly notice it anymore because very little information is pasted against the edges of your monitor.

Design Iiyama GB3461WQSU-B1

If we look at the design of the GB3461WQSU-B1, we are very pleased with the thin screen frames on all sides except the bottom, which is about two centimeters. The buttons for the controls must be hidden somewhere. These are not very nice to use. The menu itself works in the same way as with most monitors and is therefore tiring to use. Software could have helped with this, but unfortunately it is not available.

We are also happy with the design. The base is sturdy enough for a screen of this size, and it all does not scream “gaming monitor”, for this is still a product of the Red Eagle series. The logo on the back is the only indication of this. You can also tilt the screen back and forth and it even rotates nicely, but is too large to be used in portrait mode with the included tripod.


Connectivity is also plentiful with two HDMI ports and two 2.1 DisplayPorts on offer. Enough for several computers and / or one or more game consoles. There is also a headphone jack and a USB hub that are especially useful for connecting things for extended periods of time, such as a dongle for your wireless mouse. The Vesa 100 is also supported, although the size and weight of the screen may mean that not all monitor arms can handle it equally well.

Color performance

As we mentioned earlier, the Iiyama GB3461WQSU-B1 is available at a very competitive price that is just over 400 euros. We have already mentioned a few things above that you give up as a result, but the performance of the screen is of course the most important. Right out of the box, we very quickly noticed that the standard profiles are quite warm, and the image therefore gets a yellow tint. It’s a shame, of course, because it means diving into the menus to find the right calibration.

Our preference seemed to activate the normal color profile in the presets. You can supplement this with the Advanced Contrast setting (by default, this panel has a 1000: 1 ratio). However, we like that the image is very bright and therefore increased the brightness to 100. It is certainly not a panel with a high maximum brightness, but in our opinion they were 350cd / m² sufficient. We also used the in-style mode FPS for a while, which can be used for gaming, but for some it just gets a little too cold, resulting in a bluish glow. Good if you do not like much contrast.

In the above condition, we were also satisfied with the color rendering. Photo editing was no problem as we compared photos with our iPad Pro (though the extra brightness helps here), and while playing, we were pleasantly surprised at how good some games looked. Think especially of colorful games like Hearthstone, League of Legends and World of Warcraft.

Lighting not completely uniform

It is therefore a comfortable panel, although the consistency is not equally good everywhere. This results in light bleeding at different edges of the screen. This means that some areas appear brighter than others. You do not feel it so much in normal use, but it is felt, for example, in dark scenes in movies. In an ideal situation, the screen is just as well exposed, but that is not the case here. Again one of the things that contributes to the lower price of this monitor.


In addition, the GB3461WQSU-B1 also supports HDR Ready, but HDR Ready is not really HDR and leaves a lot to be desired in that area. We did not expect anything else at this price point and can forgive Iiyama. Other notable features on the screen include Freesync support, which means less ‘tear’ occurs during play, and therefore does not prevent part of your image from appearing slightly offset, such as a straight wall that is no longer a straight wall. The screen also has a response time of 1ms, which further enhances your gaming experience.

Iiyama GB3461WQSU-B1: Should you buy or not?

Choosing this extremely affordable 1440p 34-inch ultra-wide screen from Iiyama means you will have to compromise on certain areas, such as the lack of a curved screen or usable HDR. However, the GB3461WQSU-B1 manages to score in other important areas: the design is fine and the color accuracy too, albeit after a little extra trick on the menu. Freesync and a low response time of 1ms make the screen very suitable for gaming.

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