These kids are creative backers!

What can you make from a little clay and tampons? We do not know either, but children build a whole world with it. Craftsmanship is truly a profession in itself and only the little ones know how to create the coolest inventions with it, or an ashtray.

1. Beautiful say.

2. Oh, that sounds good.

3. Is it not just art?

4. It could not be more beautiful!

5. Yes, but it is.

6. Beautifully made!

7. Very good. Ideas come, you do not force them.

8. How cool is this!

9. It requires too much effort.

What a find!

11. We have no idea either.

12. Yes, of course it is.

13. However, can be very beautiful.

14. KUN.

15. And that’s just the way it is!

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