‘When you die, money is not important’

How much money is in your savings account? We ask a different Dutchman every week. Because even though we talk more and more about money, we never talk about exactly how much we earn and save. This week: 21-year-old Tim, whose work has made him realize that money is not everything.

Profession: nurse at the hospital
Net income: 2200 euros
Living situation: apartment for sale with girlfriend

Tim .s savings account

Tell me how much is in your savings account?

“My savings account is not a fat pot, around 1000 euros. But in addition to my savings account, I have many different investments, worth about 15,000 euros.

This is self-deserved, I have not received allowances or the like from parents or family. I will use the money for later. I do not have a specific goal, but it pays off better than in the bank. I know I’m not using the investment to retire or work less. I get joy and satisfaction from the work I do. “

Are you happy about that?

“I am certainly not dissatisfied with this, because I can live well with my salary. If something happens, I have built up a good buffer. ”

How much do you save per month?

“Every month I invest 500 euros in the S&P 500 index and save around 350 euros.

I can set aside this amount, partly because I do not have a car that was recently declared a total loss. Since I used the car for pleasure trips and did not really need it, I did not buy a new one. I’ve been living without a car for about four months now, and I’m fine with that. ”

Do you ever withdraw money from your savings account?

“Every month, there are unexpected expenses that sometimes require me to withdraw money from my savings account. Usually I do it again next month, but sometimes I do not. My savings account and checking account are not separated by a thick line, I believe that everything will be fine. ”

Do you consider yourself to be good for money?

“It’s hard to say about yourself. If I look at it rationally, I think I can handle money well. I’ve bought an apartment, no debt (but a mortgage), no expenses for a studio, I do not have large expenses and I do not have a car.

I am pursuing a university degree that is 100 percent funded by the hospital. Not only my tuition, but also my books and travel to school and work. ”

How did you manage to buy an apartment in this overheated housing market?

“It’s a special story. My boyfriend and I wanted to rent from an ex-neighbor who lived in the same place we wanted to live. At first we wanted to rent because our relationship is relatively early. We’ve been in a relationship for about three years now.

After looking at the rental house, we agreed that we would take the house if we saw nothing else. The rent would be around 1200 euros a month, reasonable for this time …

After we went out, we passed a house for sale right next to the rental house. It was within our budget. I looked at my boyfriend and said, “Shall we ring the bell? No you have … yes you can have it. “My boyfriend was a little hesitant, but eventually we called.

The resident came out and asked what we wanted … In a slightly trembling voice, I said we would like to look inside because we are interested, completely without the real estate agent. At the entrance there was immediately a click between the old residents and us.

They had another visit a few days later. If they did not succeed and they did not outbid an insane amount, we could take the house. The people at the show did not give much about it and we got the green light. “

What would you like to change about your financial situation?

“I want to increase my savings buffer to 2,000 euros. It just makes me feel better. However, the tax money will come in soon and I will be well over 2,000 euros again.”

What is your best financial tip?

“Money is not everything. I’ve seen videos daily of how to make a lot of money fast with minimal effort since I was 16. Earn 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 or even 100,000 euros a month behind your laptop by, for example, finding things on AliExpress and offer them more expensive on Bol.com.

I believed in it and gave myself for the money. Since I worked full time in the hospital, I see patients who are either palliative or terminal and have a very short lifespan.

In moments like these, I always realize: enjoy your life and do what you love. When you die in a hospital bed, it does not matter how much money you have. It is ultimately about your memories and experiences. This thought reminds me daily not to cut corners with nice things. ”

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