# 250 “Of course he wants to get rid of his stuff ASAP, he’s dating …”

Maud may need to visit her future roommate; it turns out to be Tommy’s new flame. To top it all off, the house she ends up in is a dream home, and the new flame, Charlie, turns out to be a really sweet girl. She’s unsure what to do: Take the house and pretend her nose is bleeding, or look for something else. Or … will she live with Gio? To make matters worse, Tommy will call her. What is this all about again?

Almost shaking, I call Tommy. Soon he will somehow know that I am hosting his new crush and I get an angry Tommy on the phone who does not want me to affect his new relationship in the least. But as soon as I hear Tommy at the other end of the line, I can clearly feel that he is doing well in his own skin. He asks me how I feel, tells me about his upcoming trip to Barcelona and then starts with a story about my stuff. “Can we arrange for you to come and get it soon, Maud?” he asks me gently. I crawl for a moment when I hear that question. Of course he wants to get rid of my stuff as soon as possible; he dates. But what would he think if the same things ended with his new girlfriend …

I tell him I’m working on a new house and that as soon as I have it I will come and pick up my things that week. Tommy fully understands this and wishes me good luck. Partly relieved, I breathe, but within three seconds I feel the nervousness of the new house rising again. Then I make a decision: I’m just pretending I do not know who Charlie is. I will still encounter Tommy in my life as he lives in the same city, goes to the same parties and we know many of the same people. And Charlie does not seem like the type who makes a huge problem out of it if she finds out. I can not miss this house. And how often do you see your roommate ?!

So a few hours later I contact Charlie to say that the new construction project unfortunately did not succeed and I would like to move in with her. She is very excited and tells that I can come and move in from June 1st. For a moment I make a small leap of joy. Then I call Rochella, who also jumps for joy and thinks I have made the right decision. Then I call Gio to tell him. He’s happy for me too. “Even though I would have liked to have lived with you!”, He laughs cheerfully. Then he invites me to a festival, music on, this weekend. Without a doubt, I say yes. I have a new home; it should be celebrated!

As the two of us walk towards the festival site on Sunday, I feel a little nervous. Gio and I have been out together but not at the festival yet. In daylight, it’s a little different or something. It really seems so official between us right now. As soon as I enter the festival site, I feel complete under dressed. There are so many English girls in naughty outfits for this party ?! I see women in neon clothes (or well, if you call a bikini top clothes) and thick layers of make-up. Gio and I are outstretched with laughter. It does not prevent; we actually come primarily for the music, and it is rock solid; I can already conclude that after walking around the festival site for half an hour. This is exactly the music I love!

We have decided to stick to booze today, but I have already found out that Gio is a generous giver. He picks up coins for 50 euros (“to start!”) And gets me one drink after another. Because I have not eaten much this morning and the sun is shining quite brightly on my forehead, I feel that I am quickly intoxicated. We walk towards the main stage and push ourselves into the bustle of the party. Gio and I just go wild the two of us. I have not been so fond of eternities. Festivals can go without complaining again, I have a new home, I am in love and it also goes really well at work. The more I think about how much I enjoy life right now, the more adrenaline I get!

When, after an hour and a half, we decide to go to the toilet and get new drinks, we walk arm in arm across the festival site. Halfway through our way to the bar, Gio suddenly pulls me towards him and starts kissing me passionately. “I’m serious Maud. I’m so madly in love with you!” he shouts happily. I chuckle; I notice that Gio is also quite intoxicated, but he has a sweet drink with lots of hugs and compliments. I kiss him and tell him in his ear that I feel exactly the same. We continue our way to the bar, but as we walk to the bar I see an all too familiar jacket. I’m trying to drag Gio to another bar, but it’s too late. The two people in front of us have already turned; a step with drink in hand. We are face to face with Tommy and Charlie …

# 249 ‘I can not move in with my ex’ new girlfriend !? ‘

Maud (23) likes to party and travel. She recently started working as an editor for a magazine. Her relationship with boyfriend Tommy has just ended, and Maud is looking for a new home in Amsterdam. Every week you read her fairy tales in a new one episode from Maud’s Night Book.

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# 250 “Of course he wants to get rid of his stuff ASAP, he’s dating …”

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