These design classics now also have space outside on the terrace

Many design brands are riding the wave of the ever-growing interest – or even obsession – for the aesthetics of the 1970s. And the arrival of the hot weather only seems to confirm this development. For some beautiful design pieces from that time are reflected not only in their indoor but also in an outdoor version.

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Some classics from the design world led to a revolution in the interior world from the late 1930s. Here you will find some timeless furniture, including from Cassina, Knoll or Gubi, which is ready to shine outdoors this summer!

1. The LC7 seat by Cassina

The French Charlotte Perriand designed these chairs in 1927 for her apartment in Paris on Place Saint-Sulpice. The design well reflects the character of the design that was in demand in Europe in the 1930s. In 1928, this comfortable swivel chair was exhibited at the Salon d’Automne, after which it has become indispensable together with the furniture of well-known names such as Perriand, Le Corbusier and Jeanneret.

Like the rest of this avant-garde furniture series, the LC7 chair fits perfectly into an outdoor interior. Cassina wanted to preserve this precious heirloom as much as possible. Therefore, it has renewed the entire range of this chair, both in terms of fabrics and finishes.

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2. Knoll.’S Diamond Chair

A classic from the 1950s, the Diamond Chair revolutionized seating. Its designer, the Italian Harry Bertoia, was known for his bold and almost irreverent style for the well-behaved interiors of the time. He made this UFO chair based on his ambition to combine his two passions – jewelry and sculpture – in one and the same art form: design.

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The result is a beautiful chair that combines functionality and originality. Today, it is produced by Knoll, a young company that turns the rules of home decor upside down.

This legendary chair has ensured that the design has been fully incorporated into the modern era. This bestseller, which was only available indoors for a long time, is now also available in an outdoor version. Its welded and stainless steel frame gives a smart and mythical feel to any patio looking for high quality comfort.

The Pacha seat in Gubi

The name alone invites you to use this precious design for a good, lazy nap … The Pacha armchair brings together in its cloud-like form all the obsessions of its designer Pierre Paulin. In 1975, he came up with the idea for this comfortable chair that has no legs. It was very innovative and original for its time at the time.

Over the years, the Pacha seat was downgraded to ‘modern for its time’. But in 2018, when the Danish company Gubi decided to revive the furniture, it immediately became a great success for contemporary interiors that mimic the aesthetics of the 1970s.

In the resuscitation process, the entire Pacha family (Pacha Lounge Chair, Pacha Ottoman, Pacha Sofa) is also moving outside this summer. For this, an intermediate layer has been developed that is both waterproof and air-permeable. This ensures that the outdoor furniture dries quickly after a rainstorm.

4. The Marenco sofa from Arflex

Wonderfully round and deliberately low to the ground. The Marenco armchair is clearly a child of the seventies, with its furniture calling for simple relaxation. Lots of pillows, soft curves and low seating: these are the secrets behind this Italian design classic, designed by Mario Marenco.

To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of this piece of furniture, the manufacturer Arflex is also presenting an outdoor version this summer. The model is now available as an armchair with stool and as a two- or three-seater sofa, with or without armrests. Timeless elegance and unforgettable comfort are the hallmarks of this outdoor model!

5. Cassina .’s LC3 sofa

The LC3 armchair is the little brother of the emblematic LC2 armchair and was designed by Charlotte Perriand, Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret. It represents the trio’s mission to do away with the decor that was in vogue in the late 1920s.

The shape – with its clean straight lines, simple structure and comfortable leather upholstery – heralded the arrival of a range of ergonomic furniture that emphasized functional life.

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Like the rest of the furniture designed by the trio, this mythical sofa now also occupies an honor on the terrace. It is available in different colors depending on the atmosphere you want to create outdoors: black, brown, green, ivory and taupe shades.

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6. The Doron seat in Cassina

The Doron armchair is certainly not the most famous piece of furniture designed by Charlotte Perriand. But that does not change the fact that he almost perfectly describes the style of the famous French designer: it evokes her special bond with nature.

In 1947, Perriand created the furniture for the interior of the hotel of the same name in the ski area Les Allues. Natural materials and a slightly sloping ridge were used. So the design actually screams for fresh air.

In collaboration with the daughter of the architect-designer, Pernette Perriand Barsac, Cassina presents an outdoor version of this comfortable armchair, made of teak. The material ensures that you can lie more comfortably than ever in its soft and round shapes.

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7. Cinna .’s Saparella Canape

In the selection of comfortable coconut sofas, the Saparella armchair from Cinna is a real must-have. This armchair was created by Michel Ducaroy, the French designer who also created the famous Togo armchair.

Although this design is less well known, it contributed to the technical advances in the design world during the 1960s. Made entirely of foam, this piece has a low, hollow silhouette that ensures comfort.

This sofa was one of the first on the French market to be reworked into an outdoor version. It can be put together according to the wishes of your terrace or garden.

8. The pedestal table from Knoll

The Pedestal series, designed by Eero Saarinen in 1957, is an icon of post-war design. The entire series evokes in its design a desire for innovation indoors. Manufacturer Knoll agreed to this and took up the challenge of releasing the furniture. The pedestal tables are airy and clean and combine essential simplicity with a submissive extravagance, expressed in the single leg that was very daring for its time.

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More than half a century later, Saarinen’s idiosyncratic design has become a true trend. With its aluminum base and protective finish, the Pedestal dining table also asks to be placed outside on a terrace.

9. Mah Jong sofa from Roche Bobois

When designer Hans Hopfer with his background in painting and sculpture in 1971 sketched the Mah Jong armchair, he had an interdisciplinary and at the same time artistic piece of furniture in mind. He designed this seat for Roche Bobois when he wanted to paint a landscape. The result is a mix of colors and shapes that you have to put together like a jigsaw puzzle. This way, everyone can create their own unique interior.

Sofa, bed, armchair, living room: The Mah Jong series has it all. Its versatile and modern look has made it a must-have worldwide. As a result, it can not escape the new outdoor trend. On the terrace, however, it gets a whole new look: The seat is elegantly raised, which gives the impression of sitting on hanging cushions.

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