This is how it ends with the couples from Gift at first sight

After twenty weeks, it’s time to make status: which of the pairs in the seventh series of Married at First sight reach the goal? In this piece, we review all the latest conversations, so beware: lots of spoilers.

It will not be very difficult to surpass the results of the previous seasons. The last time a couple stayed together was during the second season in 2017. The couple promised that it would be completely different this time. Love was to celebrate a triumph. But how did it really end? Everything can be seen on Videoland the day before the showdown.

Sander & Astrid

It seemed like a dream couple: Amsterdam-Astrid and the popular Sander immediately clicked and talked endlessly about little things. But both lacked butterflies. Astrid, however, would still work on their relationship. She gets upset when she notices that Sander is keeping more and more distance. He is done with love and even announces that he will completely stop looking for a relationship. Astrid feels disappointed and rejected. She, in turn, has come to realize that a man in her life can actually be a supplement. Behavioral biologist Patrick van Veen is disappointed that it did not succeed and blames sociability: “Love is a very serious subject”, he believes. Sander and Astrid have postponed the draft for too long. When the rings are finished, their lives go on without each other.

Joep and Caroline

In the beginning of the closing, the presenter Carlo Boszhard claimed that “the cards were far from being shuffled”. In the case of Joep and Caroline, however, this is really the case. Despite a slight resurgence over the couple weekend, they are an unadulterated mismatch. It turns out that Joep had already decided after the honeymoon that the ‘click’ was not there. He does not care what others think. Fortunately, this makes Caroline much less sad now. They hand over their rings and move on with their lives. Joep has already been seen on Tinder.

Maurice and Dennis

It was Maurice’s second time on the bench. After the total mismatch with Arjan, he had a completely different feeling towards Carlo and the experts, who admitted that it would not have made any difference if Dennis had been his match. Dennis and Maurice did not get married, but they write touching letters to each other. Dennis does not keep it dry as he reads his message, and Maurice reviews it again: “Usually this experiment starts with a ring, I want to seal our experiment with a ring.” The men go on adventures together.

Astleigh and Rowan

Even before Rowan sat down next to him on the couch, Astleigh’s radiant face told everything. This young couple is still having a good time together. What are they doing so well? According to expert Patrick, the strength lies in the fact that they set each other free. Everyone still has their own life with their own friends and activities that are slowly intertwined with the other. So far, they have had only a small discussion: how they would travel to a party. Rowan and Astleigh are having a great time together, so nice that Rowan is coming to live with her husband in Zoetermeer.

Kim and Antoine

After a flying start, the marriage between Kim and Antoine ended in bad weather halfway through the honeymoon and ended on the rocks shortly after returning home. The couple weekend where Kim spent hours in the jacuzzi with Joep could not change that. In fact, Antoine has not spoken to ‘her’ Kim since then. He is therefore shocked when she gives him a kiss on arrival, she finds it no more than polite. It’s clear: There was certainly interest from Antoine in the beginning, but then shortly after her ex-boyfriend’s death, Kim was emotionally not ready for a new relationship. After the obligatory reading of the letters, the rings are placed as the last ceremony. Kim has since emigrated.

Jan and Birgitte

Jan has not done his best, that is the conclusion Birgitte immediately draws during the final conversation. He is a nice, caring man, but she feels there is something in it: “He is very timid, very closed and hard to have a conversation with.” By the end of the honeymoon, he has already thrown the towel in the ring as far as she is concerned, and he also failed in terms of contact after the couple weekend.

Jan reacts as we know Jan: resigned and with a shrug. She’s too spicy for him. Biologist Patrick attributes the mismatch to a communication error: He had hoped that Birgitte’s wait-and-see attitude would be a signal to Jan to make an extra effort. After reading the letters, they hand over their rings. Despite the disappointing result, they would attend again. In fact, he encourages single women to respond, for he is available again!

Sonny and Dylan

This season’s successful couple does not disappoint this episode either. Dylan has a surprise for her husband: he has taken his last name and is now going through life as Dylan Lanjouw – Monster. True love that can not be fought. They clicked from the first moment, and that feeling has only gotten stronger. Even though they live hours away from each other, the couple will build a future together. Together with Carlo Boszhard and the creators, they toast with champagne for their and the other couples’ success. Three of the seven couples are still together, every reason to call this series a success.

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