Elon Musk will change this on Twitter

The Twitter takeover is not meant to make money, Musk said recently in an interview with TED. “I do not care about money,” said Tesla’s CEO and the richest man on earth. According to him, the platform is important for ‘the future of human civilization’. In a series of tweets, Musk has already in recent weeks announced what he wants to change on Twitter. An overview of his proposals.

More freedom of speech

Elon Musk is a great in favour unrestricted freedom of speech. The businessman has often pointed out that Twitter would limit expressions too much. One of the biggest changes he would make is a less stringent moderation policy.

That, according to Musk, should lead to a more open debate about the platform, as he compare with a public village square where everyone should be able to have their say. The businessman claims that if the platform does not meet that condition, it will fundamentally undermine democracy. Twitter should be “a public platform that can be completely trusted,” he said. “It’s very important for the future of human civilization,” Musk said in an interview with TED.

There is also criticism of Musk’s proposal. Opponents say the move could lead to more misinformation, extreme posts and trolling.

edit button

One more change, Musk will enter is an edit button. Musk asked in a poll on April 5 whether users would like such a feature. According to him, the edit button should only be available for a limited period of time after posting a tweet. In addition, a link showing the change must be added so that the feature can be abused less easily.

Interestingly, Twitter has been working on such an edit button for some time now. company tweeted have been working on it since last year.

Make the algorithm open source

Because Musk believes Twitter has a big influence on the public debate, he wants the company’s algorithm open source want to make. He also wants to do this because he suspects that the algorithm is biased, as certain sources appear more often than others. For example, certain aspects of a story will be underexposed.

Musk then asked himself open wondering if it is at all possible to know ‘what is really going on’. While supporters like Musk believe that an open source algorithm should lead to people being exposed to different opinions, others precisely that it can then be better misused to spread misinformation and fake news.

No more ads

The public debate, according to Musk, is not only influenced by the algorithm. Ads would also play a role in this. For that reason, Musk wants to make sure Twitter becomes ad-free.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Musk said that “the power companies have to dictate public policy is great when Twitter relies on ads to survive.”

The subscription model is preferred by Musk. Twitter already offers a monthly subscription in four countries, Twitter bluewhich gives users access to premium features.

Several ticks

One of the benefits provided by Twitter Blue users according to Musk must get is a special tick. These are already being distributed to certain accounts to show that the individuals have been verified. Check marks are distributed mainly to public figures such as politicians and celebrities.

During Musk’s reign, all Twitter Blue users would get such a tick. They should look different than ticks for official accounts. To get a Twitter Blue check, users have to pay for a year in advance. In addition, users would only receive it after sixty days.

tackling bots

More ticks would be there according to Musk also make sure that bots, spammers and banned people can not just create an account again. Musk’s name is often used by spam accounts to run cryptocurrency-related scams.

The entrepreneur calls that “the most annoying problem on Twitter.” By verifying people and proving that they are a real person, Musk hopes to curb these bots. It would also be too expensive to operate a botnet.

Pay with Dogecoin

Twitter Blue currently costs $ 2.99 per share. month. Musk would like to make that price lower and otherwise dependent on the region where a person lives. For example, the price in poorer countries may be lower.

He will also offer new payment options. The most notable of these is Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency started as a joke that Elon Musk has been a fan of for some time. In a tweet the businessman openly questioned whether Twitter Blue subscriptions could be paid with Dogecoin.

This would not be the first time Musk has accepted Dogecoin payments for his companies. Since last year, it has been possible to buy Tesla fan articles with the crypto coin. Musk also said he wanted to fund a lunar mission with Dogecoin with his space company SpaceX.

No more NFT profile pictures

While Musk appears to be a supporter of the crypto world, he dislikes NFTs, the digital property deeds used to sell virtual objects. When Twitter announced earlier this year that users can use NFTs as their profile pictures, pronounced Musk his dissatisfaction.

“Twitter devotes technical resources to this nonsense, while crypto scammers throw a spambot party in every thread,” he said at the time. Musk is a great critic of all Web3-related cases, a term he called “bullshit” in December. The chance that Musk would delete NFT profile pictures after a possible takeover is therefore high.

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