New pictures show how in love ANDRE HAZES and MONIQUE are again!

A notable series has been added to the photo series that Monique Westenberg posted on the Internet on Monday about her vacation with son Dre (5) with father André Hazes in Florida. And the new pictures tell a completely different story than what Monique tried to tell Holland. Monique claimed that there was no reunion with Andre, let alone a marriage, the new photos show that the love between Monique and Andre is squirting again.

It’s the weekly Privé that André Hazes, his ex Monique and son Dre (5) managed to track down in Florida, where they celebrated a month’s vacation as a family. And private photographer Wesley de Wit returned from the US with very different ‘pictures’ than what Monique posted on her Instagram last Monday.

Today, Privé’s editor-in-chief Evert Sankrediets writes about the pictures: “May I tell you a little secret that ANDRÉ HAZES and MONIQUE WESTENBERG do not know yet? We were in America! Our star reporter EDWIN BREDIUS and photographer WESLEY DE WIT searched for the needle in the haystack and actually found the family celebrating their holiday there as A HAPPY FAMILY. In a resort where there were no other Dutch people to be found, they hardly left their room. And if they did, it was to swim there, cuddle and enjoy the newfound happiness by the water. ”

Dan: “Back in Holland, Monique pretends that there is nothing wrong, that no reconciliation has taken place and that there will be no marriage. BUT SHE DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT THESE INTIMATE PICTURES, WHICH TELL A VERY DIFFERENT STORY THAN THEIR REMOTE PICTURES FROM THE DISNEY PHOTOGRAPHER! ” said San Credits.

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And anyone who sees the photos in the new issue of the weekly magazine Privé, which is in stores today, Wednesday, can not help but conclude that the love scenes that also took place in front of the photographer’s lens leave nothing to be desired in terms of for clarity. We see Andre and Monique on a beach bed, hand in hand. He with his hand on her thigh. In the pool, in an intimate embrace. With three as one happy family in a loving embrace. If this is not reconciliation, after all that has happened between them, then what is it?

André Hazes and Monique Westenberg and little André, their 5-year-old son, took the trip to Florida. ‘to see what form’ they will need in the future as a family. Family month was a good time, according to Monique, who returned last weekend. “We traveled, swam, ate, walked on the beach, visited theme parks, swam with wild manatees, went to concerts and ate even more! In short, very good memories created. ”

According to Monique, that was it. She vehemently denied that a marriage with André was imminent. “It was very special to receive messages from the home front that we would be a couple again and even get married. Man, how much nonsense is taken for truth these days! “But the pictures in the weekly magazine Privé tell a completely different story … t

Monique and André have had turbulent years. André has had an occasional relationship with presenter Brigdet Maasland (47) and Sarah van Soelen. In March 2021, André and Monique separated, a few months after he proposed to her. Hazes moved almost immediately with the new love Sarah van Soelen. That relationship was short-lived. In September, it was announced that Hazes would not be performing for the time being due to a burnout. He is “emotionally exhausted”. His agenda has been deleted empty for the entire 2022.

In early April, Monique announced, with a photo at Schiphol, that she was going to America with Dreetje, where Andre Hazes was already staying at the time, to spend time there as a family. “We are just checking out. With and for each other. The past year has been a roller coaster for all of us. There is now peace, but due to external factors there is little opportunity to experience this together. To see what form we have “needed as a family, we will be together in the coming weeks. The most important thing for us in this is that our son can spend time with both mother and father in complete freedom, where we can be ourselves together!”

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