A plaster finish with many creative options

Advanced system enables diversity in facade design

With one facade insulation system, the architect can design a unique facade. Playing with patterns and colors, combining materials and adding effects ensures a design freedom that appeals to the four architects.

The extra possibilities were therefore crucial for architect Jan Vermeulen: “We were looking for a certain effect in the facade of the new part to preserve a material and conceptual continuity with the neoclassical historic country house. We wanted to create a deep facade where a subtle shadow effect enhances the materiality of the building. The facade should also make an impression from a distance. In consultation with Sto, we ended up with StoSignature, «says Jan Vermeulen from Studio Jan Vermeulen.

A finish that meets HIGH requirements

On the one hand, the StoSignature series corresponds perfectly to the architect’s wishes, but at the same time guarantees thermal insulation and waterproofness. That’s why architect Julien Soudant from KS Architectes likes to choose this product when designing modern buildings. For a private home in Dilbeek, he chose the concrete finish of StoSignature to highlight the ground floor of a modern, minimalist villa. “The StoSignature finish allowed us to apply a facade cladding without reducing the space with an often unaesthetic roof edge or wall cladding. It is an ideal alternative for those who want to apply a well-defined volume without a visible top finish, ”says Julien Soudant.

For the finish of an apartment building in Aartselaar, Tom Jonckers from Bxl Architect chose StoSignature Linear 10. A linear finish that enhances the effect of the changing light and highlights the contours of a building. “Being creative with the material to create textures is a quality of material that offers enormous opportunities. It allows to emphasize certain architectural elements or surfaces of a building. It was clear from the start that we wanted a distinct look & feel that also had a “natural” structure. The building’s slimmer architectural structure is enriched with the natural finely combed texture of the facade finish, ”says Tom Jonckers from Bxl Architecten.

Good cooperation and craftsmanship are essential for high-quality delivery

The type of facade plastering and the detailing involved in its development depends on the project. The various steps in the process must be followed carefully for a beautiful, high quality result. A good relationship between architect, supplier and contractor is crucial, says Johny Cottreel from Cottreel Architecten. “Early in the design process, we look for solutions for materialization and implementation principles. Our project includes four apartments and an architectural office. The pronounced verticality of the façade is subtly translated into the interplay between lines, where work is done at different depths. The facade also adapts to the changing position of the sun. Light and shadow help to determine the façade’s identity and cachet. The ‘fine’ finish gives a shiny ‘shine’ and is crucial for the result, ”says Johny Cottreel.

Jan Vermeulen from Studio Jan Vermeulen also places great emphasis on craftsmanship and the relationship between the various parties. “Out of respect for the users and residents of our projects, we seek not only craftsmanship in the design, but also in the execution. What appeals to us about the realization of the façade is that it also gives the performers the opportunity to showcase their craft, «says Jan Vermeulen from Studio Jan Vermeulen.

Jan Vermeulen also appreciated Sto’s enthusiasm and the support it offers during the design process. “We went in search of a pattern of vertical lines, strips or waves that would cast a subtle shadow play on the facade. Together with Sto, we investigated a number of techniques to determine what gave the best result in terms of effect and performance. They have even made several tests for this to be able to assess it in detail, ”adds Jan Vermeulen.

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