Affordable Google Pixel 6a presented

The much-anticipated budget Google Pixel 6a phone came to the fore at the keynote of the I / O conference along with a Google Pixel 7 shoutout, and the folks at Mountain View shared some intimate Pixel 6a specs and feature details that differ from the rumors that circulated earlier is promulgation. In January, Google leaked the phone through a coloring book distributed to people from the closed Pixel Superfans group, a dedicated community of Google enthusiasts who often get booty bags from the company. Check it out, the cool new Pixel 6a design has been officially confirmed today, as well as the base price and late availability.

Price and release date

  • Price: $ 449
  • Pre-order: July 21
  • Three colors: black, white and green

It was rumored that the Pixel 6a would be released in the summer, most likely in July, some after its announcement. The Pixel 6a price would be the usual fantastic price of $ 399, providing unmatched value with the first budget handset to get Android 13 for that price.

Updated camera features

As expected, Google Pixel 6a uses a camera setup similar to its predecessor, including a 12.2 MP main camera and a 12 MP ultra-wide camera, but the new Tensor chipset, which comes directly from the Pixel 6 series, will make a difference with its advanced imaging subsystem.

Unfortunately, the phone does not get the Motion Mode camera option from its more expensive siblings, which keeps a fast-moving subject in focus and minimizes blur, but then again it is a budget option with different sensors albeit the same chipset. . However, you get Night Sight and Real Tone skin tones, as well as the enhanced Magic Eraser setting that can now adjust the colors of the background to get started.

We’ve heard a lot of good news about the improved camera set on the Pixel 6a, despite the inclusion of the good old Sony IMX363 in the phone’s photography program. Since the rumors that the Pixel 6a could carry the 50 MP Samsung GN1 sensor from the Pixel 6 / Pro have not come to fruition, we are only left with the ultra-wide camera upgrade compared to the Pixel 5a specification in the form of a larger sensor pixel size to get more light in.

Pixel 5a’s specifications include a 12MP wide / 16MP ultra-wide camera setup, while this set above has another 12MP ultra-wide camera sensor with much larger individual pixels that could allow more light to enter.

Along with Google’s new Tensor chipset and its custom image processor, Pixel 6a photography should be a step above Pixel 5a photography, so we hope the new budget Android handset, just launched by Google, has been unveiled.

Design and screen

Well, the new Pixel 6a design looks exactly like it did in the coloring book, with a page from the outside of the Pixel and 6 Pro. Google is trying some signature in its budget phone A-line, a design that will instantly be recognizable and carry the brand with it like an iPhone notch.

The Pixel 6a cameras and associated accessories such as flash and sensors are embedded in a strip across the back that asymmetrically divides the two-tone body. This phone design is different, not just for its sake. The neatly arranged sensor and lens combinations can not easily snap with the fingers or cut off the ultra-wide perspective that a camera island in the corner would do. In addition, there is plenty of stripping space that our index finger can press against while using the phone with one hand.

Second, the “strap” is unique to look at and fits the back without protruding like a sore, uh, thumb, even if it IS raised. Third, it is a design playground, as there can now be countless two- and three-color combinations of Pixel 6a to keep the look fresh and keep us entertained. Kudos to Google and the designers that it poached when it bought HTC.

The 6.2-inch Pixel 6a screen may not surprise you with its 1080p resolution, but it will definitely be a sight to behold as we found that the panel on its predecessor, the Pixel 5a, was the best kept secret in the world . the budget phone niche, with almost perfect color calibration, which earns a bonus space in our best phone screen collection, so we expect nothing less from the just announced Google Pixel 6a.

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