Dutch design WoodCruise selected for Masterly Milan

WoodCruise will be presented internationally as the lounge furniture of the future during the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan. The Dutch designer and owner of MySunCruiser, Luc Zwinkels, has been selected to exhibit his design from 7 to 12 June. It is part of the Masterly Milan exhibition in the heart of the city. Zwinkels aims to put rotating sunbathing and lounging on the map all over the world.

WoodCruise is an automatically rotating sun lounger and offers a unique lounge experience where you can rotate with the furniture in slow motion almost imperceptibly while sunbathing. This gives an even brown color and reduces stress on the skin. In addition, the slow ride is very relaxing. WoodCruise is Luc Zwinkels’ masterpiece, where his qualities as a designer and skilled cabinetmaker meet. The furniture is completely handmade from solid teak and mahogany with techniques from high quality yacht construction. WoodCruise will be exhibited in the well-known Dutch pavilion in the Palazzo Francesco Turati. This is the first time that the MySunCruiser brand presents itself during the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Moving in the sun
Luc Zwinkels, owner of MySunCruiser and designer of WoodCruise: “I love sunbathing, but I heard people talking more and more about the possible negative effects of this. When people stayed out of the sun for this reason, it spurred me on. “In my profession as a designer, restaurateur and carpenter, I come into consideration with many different pieces of furniture. However, an automatic rotating sun lounger did not yet exist. That’s why I started MySunCruiser and designed a lounge piece of furniture: WoodCruise.”

Zwinkels continues: “We are allowed to seek out sunlight, in fact we need the sun’s rays for the production of vitamins. Only then rather responsible for our skin, body and mind. Because the furniture rotates, the body not only browns more evenly, but excessive strain is prevented at the same time, so people burn less quickly. In addition, the quiet rotation is experienced as very relaxing, an almost meditative experience. WoodCruise ensures that you can relax optimally in our sometimes hectic lives. Lounge furniture WoodCruise can be used for private settings, but is certainly also suitable for wellness centers and terraces at, for example, beach clubs, hotels, restaurants and yachts. ”

Craft techniques
Nicole Uniquole, curator of the Dutch pavilion, chose designer Luc Zwinkels because she is charmed by the design and the luxurious look. She praises the traditional techniques that have been used and the high quality finish of WoodCruise. Zwinkels is known as a restaurateur and furniture maker under the name Lucas Carpinus. Among other things, he worked on the interior of the palace on Dam Square in Amsterdam and the Nieuwe Kerk in Delft.

“I consider it a huge honor that Nicole Uniquole has selected me: My showpiece is now being presented to a large international audience. I hope to meet many sun lovers here and convince them that sunbathing can really be done responsibly. I also like to get in touch with partners and commercial agents to produce and sell WoodCruise and the other models, “says Luc Zwinkels.

The future of sunbathing
By steaming and planing the hard teak and mahogany, Zwinkels was able to bend the material and model it in the right shape. He chose a classic, maritime look and a round model. The diameter is 2.42 meters (outer size); the height is 60 cm. The lounge furniture is suitable for four seasons of outdoor use, has drainage points and outdoor cushions. The rotation is adjustable with infrared. The raised edge gives a comfortable feeling of shelter. With these innovations, MySunCruiser clearly extends further into the future. Users of WoodCruise talk about a rare relaxed experience, with movement and tranquility at the same time. The turntable is completely hidden and like the rest of the furniture weatherproof. In addition to WoodCruise, there are several models available, such as ClubCruise, FlowerCruise and CaribCruise.

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