Review Amazfit GTR 3: Smartwatch with nice design and long battery life

Many people have switched their watch to a smartwatch or fitness tracker in recent years, and the selection of these wearables is now very large. At the editorial office, we have already been able to test a lot of wearables and today we look at the Amazfit GTR 3. This is a round smartwatch with a number of remarkable features. In this review, we share the pros and cons of GTR 3, based on our personal experience.


Amazfit GTR 3 is available in two colors, namely Thunder Black and Moonlight Gray. We’ve been using the Thunder Black version for the last few weeks. The smartwatch comes in a fairly simple square box along with a charging cable and a booklet with information about the Amazfit GTR 3.

Design and build quality

Before we discuss the features of the Amazfit GTR 3, let’s take a look at the design and build quality. The smartwatch has designed like a traditional watch and has a round 1.39 inch AMOLED screen with HD resolution. The housing of the GTR 3 has a minimalist and premium look. This is due to the aluminum frame with beautiful curves. The home has received a so-called 5 ATM rating. This means that the smartwatch is waterproof down to a depth of no less than 50 meters. You can therefore simply wear the Amazfit GTR 3 while bathing or swimming.

On the right side of the house we see two buttons. Both are push buttons, but one can also be used as a navigation crown. This means you can navigate through the menu and interface by turning this knob. Small grooves in the rotary knob provide a good grip, which makes operation via this knob comfortable. While navigating, a vibrating engine provides light feedback. By using this button, you avoid blocking the view of the screen with your own fingers, and you will not get spots on the screen if you have dirty fingers. Of course, you do not need to use the rotary knob if you prefer to use the touch screen. That choice is yours.

We are very pleased with the design and build quality of the Amazfit GTR 3 itself, but the included rubber bracelet will not appeal to everyone. Personally, I’m used to wearing fitness trackers, which also got me used to the GTR 3 wristband very quickly, but people switching from a luxury watch might want to look for another wristband. Fortunately, this is not a problem at all, because you can easily replace the bracelet with any other 22 mm bracelet you already own. If you prefer to wear a leather strap, or perhaps a lighter bracelet, you can easily remove the rubber bracelet and fit your own strap.

Use the included charging cable to charge the smartwatch. The cable can only be connected in one way, but built-in magnets ensure that the cable always ends up in the right position. We have nothing to say about this.


The Amazfit GTR 3 is a smart watch that can do many other things besides displaying time. GTR 3 is equipped with various sensors that can monitor your health and activities. Think of a heart rate monitor, a pedometer, an oxygen meter and a GPS chip. This combination of sensors can, for example, check whether your oxygen level in the blood remains at the right level, your heart is not overloaded during exercise, and whether you exercise enough daily. These are not medical sensors, which means that the results are not always accurate, but they do give a good indication of the state of affairs.

With a single click or swipe, you can see in a clear overview how many steps you have taken that day, how long you have slept and what your current heart rate is. The weather forecast app, calendar app and calculator are some other features that many users will use almost every day. One feature has received extra attention, and that is sports fashion. We will return to this in a moment. Of course, you can also control the music that you play on your smartphone via the smartwatch, but unfortunately it is not possible to store music offline on the smartwatch. This feature is also present on the GTR 3 Pro.

Zepp OS

Amazfit GTR 3 does not run on Google’s Wear OS, but on Zepp OS. This is a proprietary operating system from Amazfit that brings both pros and cons. Zepp OS is much less heavy to run, and the operating system therefore uses less energy. The result is a remarkably long battery life. However, the functionalities are more limited because you do not have access to the Play Store. This prevents you from installing new Android apps. You can download a number of new applications via the Zepp app on your mobile, but the App Store currently contains only 10 simple apps.

The interface for Zepp OS is well put together. From the dial, you can swipe down on the quick settings and swipe up on your notifications. Swipe right to navigate through the most used apps, such as the pedometer, heart rate monitor, weather widget, and your sleep overview. A swipe to the left opens the ‘shortcut maps’. This is a list of widgets that show all the most important data in one overview. To change the dial, hold down the dial for a few seconds. You can then scroll through all installed dials. You can install new dials via the Zepp app on your mobile. The selection to choose from is very large.

Starting a workout with GTR 3 is as easy as navigating the interface or changing dials. You click on the small button on the side of the house to enter the training menu. Then select the desired sport mode, such as ‘walking’, ‘running’, ‘cycling’ or ‘swimming’. After the selection, the smartwatch will establish a GPS connection and all you have to do is click start. The smartwatch will then record data during training, such as number of steps, your heart rate, the route traveled and much more. You can not do it easier and you can choose from no less than 150 sports modes. You can find all your workouts in the Zepp app on your mobile.

In our opinion, the interface is smartly put together and works smoothly. We are therefore positive about Zepp OS.

Built-in GPS

Something that we regularly encounter with the expensive smartwatches, but which is less common with the cheaper smartwatches, is a built-in GPS chip. The Amazfit GTR 3 has such a GPS chip and it offers a great advantage. A GPS chip in your smartwatch makes the GPS chip in your smartphone redundant. This means that you can just leave your phone at home when you are cycling or running and want to record your route. The GTR 3 connects directly to a satellite during a workout, and when you get home, the route traveled will simply be synced with the Zepp app on your smartwatch. This worked flawlessly during our test.

battery life

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Amazfit GTR 3 is the battery life. Most Wear OS smartwatches need to be recharged every day or every other day, but GTR is certainly not necessary. In our test, the battery used only 7 percent of its capacity during a typical working day (without training). That equates to a battery life of about two weeks. During training, the smartwatch will use the GPS chip, and it costs a lot of energy, so you can spend a few percent more. Nevertheless, regardless of your activities, you can use the GTR 3 for many days before the smartwatch needs to be recharged. This is one of the biggest benefits of the Amazfit GTR 3.

Conclusion (advantages / disadvantages)

Amazfit GTR 3 is a beautiful smartwatch with an elegant housing. This means that the smartwatch can be worn all day long, whether you are in the gym or in the office. The smartwatch does not run on Wear OS, so you do not have access to the Play Store. If you’re a big fan of Wear OS, then GTR 3 might not be for you. But all the basic features you would expect from a smartwatch are present and the Zepp OS operating system is easy to use. The extremely long battery life, the built-in GPS chip and the attractive suggested retail price of only 159 euros are in our opinion the main selling points for the Amazfit GTR 3.

If you want even more out of your smartwatch, you can consider the Pro version. The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro has a larger screen with a thinner frame, a built-in speaker, WiFi support and the ability to store music on your smartwatch for offline playback.


  • Beautiful design
  • Long battery life
  • Attractively priced
  • Built-in GPS
  • Easy to use


  • Unable to access Play Store
  • Simple bracelet
  • No internal storage for music (Pro version only)

Amazfit GTR 3 is for sale at for 159 euros in the colors black and gray.

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