Rockwell Automation introduces a new varied range of industrial screens

Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE: ROK), one of the largest providers of industrial automation and digital transformation in the world, launches a new line of industrial displays. The new line consists of different models so that machine builders can use them for a wide range of applications.

The new Allen-Bradley® ASEM 6300M ​​industrial screens belongs to the product family formerly known as VersaView® 6300, offers extensive applications. The various options give machine builders great freedom to customize the monitors based on factors such as size, price, performance and appearance and function. The most important options are:

  • models in stainless steel with IP66K and IP69K certification, which is mainly intended for applications with hygiene and cleaning requirements with liquids.
  • models of other materials: From cost-effective aluminum options to edge-to-edge glass options to sleek, advanced displays.
  • single-touch and multi-touch screenswhereby machine builders can tailor the monitors to the software and to the requirements of the users for the operation.
  • various sizesTo ranges from 8.4 to 24 inches. All models are available in both standard and widescreen formats.
  • -one possibility of long distancewhich makes it possible to place a screen up to 100 meters away from a PC for use in, among other things, long production lines.

“ASEM 6300 monitors enable machine builders to differentiate their offerings from competitors; both in performance and design,” explains Lindsay Raspanti, Product Manager at Rockwell Automation. “The configuration of the monitors can be adapted to a wide range of applications. And by combining high-resolution monitors with an ultra-modern look, you create monitors that give smart machines just that little bit of extra cachet. “

All ASEM 6300M ​​monitors have a high-resolution display to display critical production information clearly and in detail. The screens can display up to four tiles with information on a single screen, allowing operators to not only get a perfect overview of performance data and work instructions, but also to watch high-resolution videos and real-time camera feeds.

Combination with box PCs
Combined with the Allen-Bradley ASEM 6300B industrial box PCs, the 6300M ​​industrial monitors can help machine builders realize valuable time savings. The two products work seamlessly together and are easy to integrate, allowing engineers to spend less time configuring monitors connected to PCs.

The screens are also equipped with a standardized fuse for easier replacement. Whether a machine builder chooses a standard or a widescreen display; he can always easily upgrade to new versions of the screen without having to change the design of the machine.

The ASEM 6300M’s industrial displays have been developed with expertise and technology from ASEM, a leading provider of digital automation technologies, which was acquired by Rockwell Automation in 2020.

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