Update work Waalseilandsgracht – Municipality of Amsterdam

The safety construction at Binnenkant is ready and the houseboats are back. We are investigating how we can reinforce the last 50 meters of this quay. Together with the residents, we make a design for the interior design of the closed parking spaces at Oude Waal.

At Binnenkant, the plants and shrubs in the 82 plant boxes will receive water from 19 May via an automatic system with drip lines that run through the containers. We place these planters on the safety structure. The power supply and control of the system are located in the junction box on the quay opposite Binnenkant 29.

Help residents maintain plants

The municipality takes care of the maintenance of the plant boxes at Binnenkant 2 to 3 times a year. Some residents of Binnenkant will help, they maintain one or more plant boxes. They will soon have a workshop from an ecologist from the municipality. He gives tips for the maintenance of the plants.

New bicycle parking spaces Inside

On the Binnenkant quay, between Kalkmarkt and Buiten Bantammerstraat, the old bicycle racks have been replaced by about 50 bicycle clamps. In the week of May 30, we place another 8 bicycle clamps at Binnenkant 21/22. We must first do research there to strengthen this part of the quay. Bicycle parking at Binnenkant is now less cluttered. The street around the car parks can be kept clean in this way.

Reinforcement 50 meters quay Inside

We still need to reinforce approximately 50 meters of quay wall at Binnenkant 14 to 23. There is not enough space to place a sheet pile construction in front of the quay. Therefore, we have investigated other solutions, with input from a number of residents. Reinforcement of the quay with grouts with sealant is preferred. With this approach, we drill steel piles through the existing quay wall, into the ground. We spray grout, a kind of concrete, in and around the posts. After curing, the joint piles provide extra load-bearing capacity under the quay. One of the advantages is that the construction is not visible after finishing work. In 2021, the approach was successfully applied to part of the quay along the Prinsengracht. We are investigating whether the approach is also possible at Binnenkant. We will know within a few months if that is possible. If the result is positive, we will start work in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Excavation work on the quay at Binnenkant 14 to 23

At the end of May, we will start excavation work on the quay at Binnenkant 14 to 23. We will remove the pavement and dig a number of trenches in the ground. We look, for example, at how the quay wall construction is constructed and where the tree roots, cables and pipes are located. The work will not affect road traffic.

However, some parking spaces will not be able to be used during the excavation work. We ensure that the houseboats remain available to the residents.

Repair of subsidence at Waalseilandsbro

In November 2021, a sinking occurred in the footpath on Waalseilandbruget (bridge 283), on the side of Kromme Waal. Research shows that soil has been washed away through openings in the foundation under the bridge. We close those openings by spraying a nature-friendly fabric into the foundation. This substance hardens in the soil. The work will take place in the week of May 30 and will last 2 days. Next to the bridge, on the corner with Kromme Waal, we are temporarily closing for 4 parking spaces. The truck to be used for the work will be placed there.

Temporary interior design quay Oude Waal

The parking lots at the Oude Waal remain closed to limit the weight of the quay wall. 9 local residents contribute ideas for a design of the temporary layout of the parking lots. The goal is to give the barrier of the parking lots a greener look and to organize bicycle parking better. We aim to complete the design in July and complete the work by the fall of 2022.

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