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This is the week for the tax return on On the NUjij answering platform, Bernard Devilee, tax expert at the IRS, answered all of your questions about this last Friday. We list the ten most interesting and frequently asked questions and answers.

yeah42: This year I work a lot from home. Therefore, I had to turn my garage into a home office. What are the possible tax facilities / deductions for a home office if you are employed?

“It is not possible for an employee to deduct (renovation) costs in the tax return that are related to a home office and / or work from home.”

King_kahn: I’m no longer receiving student aid, but I’m still entitled to a loan. Why can I not disclose my tuition costs as an expense if I have not taken out a loan?

“You can not deduct study costs if you are entitled to study financing. Being able to apply for a loan is also part of study financing. It does not matter whether you make use of that opportunity or not; because you can make use of it, you do not deduct study costs. “

Don’t just assume everything: I was wondering how to handle the value of your cryptocurrencies. The value fluctuates wildly. Which reference dates are important in this regard?

“The value on the reference date is important for all assets. For cryptocurrencies, this means that the economic value must be disclosed on January 1 of the year. The exchange rate you need is the exchange rate on the exchange platform used. On the reference date.”

Willie_Roosen: If you forget a deduction, can you still enter it next year?

“If you forgot to enter a deductible item, you can still do so now. If the assessment has not yet been set, you can resubmit the tax return for that year and process the deductible item in the tax return. You can submit a request to still take account of the deductible. “

“Deadline for this is five years after the year of the attack.”

Mohamed_Moussaoui_cebaca: What if you have a bank account abroad? Should I do something about this with the statement?

“All assets at home and abroad must be entered in box 3. Then also the balance in a savings account abroad.”

Josjen: Can I declare my student loan as a loan to pay less wealth tax?

“The amount you have to repay from a lifelong learning credit and an amount you have borrowed under the Student Finance Act can be included as a debt in box 3. The latter is conditional on this student debt no longer being able to be converted into a gift.”

Maarten_S: My boyfriend and I live together. We do not have a joint bank account and we do not have a registered partnership. According to the tax authorities, we are not tax partners, but we are reimbursement partners. Is this possible?

“That may well be the case. For example, cohabitants are also important for the rent allowance, even if you are not a tax partner.”

Gokce_Turer_Varol: Are the costs associated with interest rate averages deductible?

“The costs you have paid to the bank in connection with the average interest rate are deductible. You can state these costs in your tax return for the mortgage debt under the heading Financing costs.”

Brabantia: I have to fill in my tax return myself for the first time and I do not understand the concept of payroll tax. Can you explain in jip-and-janneke language what ‘payroll tax’ means?

Payroll tax is the collective term for the tax and the premiums that are deducted from your gross salary. This amount is deducted from your gross salary together with any other collections such as your pension contribution. Your net salary remains, the amount that your employer transfers to your bank account. “

Henk_Goede: I got Tozo 1. Now my partner is taxed, even though she has not had Tozo. Is that right?

“Tozo 1 is a benefit provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs under the Participation Act. Under the Participation Act, half of the Tozo 1 benefit must be awarded to both partners.”

“Due to the attribution to the partner, in some situations it may be the case that the payroll allowance has been incorrectly applied to the part of the Tozo 1 benefit attributed to the partner. As a result, too low payroll tax may have been withheld. The tax return is corrected so that less is reimbursed or must be paid extra. “

Bjarne_Mulder: How much money can you earn on another job without having to pay tax on it?

“There is no ‘hard’ limit. If you have a second job, whether you have to pay extra depends on how much you earn with both jobs in total. Use the general tax deduction, because otherwise you will definitely have to pay extra. You apply the general tax deduction to the job that earns you the most. “

Because this week is about the tax return, there are articles on every day that can help you make the tax return.

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