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“Unlike the real sheet, it was built in six days”

THE ROOT – In biblical history, Noah’s Ark went aground on Mount Ararat during a storm. Although Ararat is located in Turkey, it is an important mountain for Armenians. According to tradition, Armenians are descended from a great-grandson of Noah.
It is therefore not surprising that the Armenia Foundation thought that the Ark should be an eye-catcher for the exhibition in the Drents Museum, where treasures from Armenia can be seen from 11 May.

Maxim and Nicolai Romashuk of the Armenia Foundation spent two years designing and preparing the ark. The foundation was founded by the Armenian father of Maxim and Nicolai. He met his Dutch wife in Jerusalem and moved to Holland in the 1970s, where his two sons were born. Maxim explains: ‘When several Armenians came to Holland in the 1990s, he was already fully integrated. He acted as an interpreter and helped them with all sorts of matters. It was also the moment when he founded the Armenia Foundation. To organize cultural activities for Armenians so that they can maintain their cultural activities and get acquainted with the Dutch. And in fact, Nicolai and I also grew up there. We are increasingly taking over the baton. ‘
Because Nicolai (jr) also serves as the contact person for the Armenian ambassador to the Netherlands, he quickly learned about the upcoming exhibition at the Drents Museum. “It’s three years ago, of course, but everything was postponed because of the corona. We found on the Ark, also in connection with Kop van de Vaart, where the eye-catchers in front of the museum are usually located. But yes, after inventing it, it was still something of a task to realize the idea. ‘
The brothers contacted various institutions, only in the beginning were few parties willing to commit to the project. “We talked to a lot of people, and in the end, based on the first design, we received a grant from the Entrepreneurs’ Fund Assen. It also helped other parties across the line. ‘

The sketch also gave the brothers the opportunity to look for someone to carve the ark. The design is made by Sergio Jove Rodríguez and Koen van Uden from NEX LAB architects from Assen. ‘The first idea was to put the skeleton on Kop van de Vaart and finish it off with a group of people. But in the end, we found Elzo de Groot and Floris Roelfsema from Next Builders, real professionals who can do better than us. ‘
Noah built the ark for about 120 years, though opinions differ. “This sheet is being built faster; Elzo and Floris needed a week. It also helped that he did not have to sail. The size of the building, 8 meters long and 4.5 meters high, ensures that it is not placed in the usual place. at the head of Vaart, but at Brinksen in front of the museum. “We were a little worried that the structure would become dwarf where it will be, but when you stand in front of it it is so impressive that it should not be a problem. “
The exhibition runs until the end of October. What will happen to the Ark after the time is not yet clear. ‘There is already interest in it, but we do not know where it will end yet.’
A special piece of the exhibition is a reliquary that contains a piece of wood from Noah’s Ark. In addition, people can see gold and silver jewelry, cups, jars and other objects, some of which are as old as half a million years.
‘There is also a children’s route for children. But if you just want to go for a nice walk with children through the center of Assen, we have found an animal tour. In addition, a special ice cream has been designed. It is a scoop of ice cream with yogurt-pomegranate flavor, topped with a sheet of chocolate. The pomegranate is an important symbol in Armenia. Children encounter the ice as they make the scavenger hunt set out in front of them, starting from the Ark. There is a giraffe on the ark, but there are many more animals to be found. They are scattered here and there in the center of Assen. The whole family can join in to find the remaining 11 animals. ”

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