these 5 things make it much better than windows 10

You’re probably not sure yet if you want to upgrade to Windows 11. Definitely not crazy, because with you there are many others who are still in doubt.

Windows 11 has been available for a few months now, but still not very popular. This has several causes. The biggest problem is that Microsoft has strict requirements for installing the software. As a result, you can do almost nothing but buy a new computer. Still, it seems to be worth it, because there are some improvements over Windows 10.

Five reasons why Windows 11 is better than Windows 10

The switch to Windows 11 is big, but certainly not useless. Here are five meaningful features that we believe will warrant an upgrade. Whether you’re using your laptop for games or work: maybe it’s time to switch.

1. An interface with a focus on productivity

Windows equipment suffers from a dichotomy: It is an operating system for both work and play. Windows 10 leans more towards the latter, while Windows 11 feels more optimized for a work environment. The menu has a solid array of icons along the taskbar and home screen. This may not look like much, but it will help you stay focused. The Windows 10 interface, on the other hand, felt much busier and more intrusive.

Taskbar Windows 11
The process line (Image: Mark Hachman / IDG)

Microsoft’s product manager, Panos Panay, tends to introduce new devices in the context of “flow” and “focus”. While gaming enthusiasts will not be happy with this, there are undoubtedly many people who benefit from this.

Better organization of the settings

If you have to dive into the settings for an adjustment, you are heavily dependent on the design of the menu. Fortunately, the new Windows 11 menu makes it much easier to find what you need. This settings menu not only uses the standard navigation in the sidebar. Thanks to a new navigation system at the top of the screen, you can now also easily change category. Each category contains its own overview screen with its own graphic elements.

menu windows
The improved menu (Image: Mark Hachman / IDG)

3. Snap View

This has been a small but significant improvement from Windows 11 since its inception. The adjustment is especially important as more and more people are using an external monitor. With the enhanced Snap-View, you can snap a window by dragging the icon to the upper right corner of the window. Then you can choose from several small templates so you can organize your screen efficiently. The rest of your screen can be used to organize the other windows.

snap view
snap view (Image: Microsoft)

4. The new Windows 11 Media Player

Not many updated Windows 11 native apps are by definition an improvement. Windows Media Player is without a doubt. Following the retirement of Groove Music, Media Player was developed as a new app for playing audio and video. The media app has some interesting features, including creating playlists and the ability to transfer music to a CD. There is even a long-awaited settlement. The new media player is not part of Windows 10.

Windows Media Player

5. DirectStorage and AutoHDR

We are cautiously optimistic about the new DirectStorage, a gaming feature that can significantly reduce loading time. DirectStorage is available on Windows 11, but there is no released Windows game yet to support it. So we have to wait a little longer.

Windows 11 introduces a spooky feature that no one should ever use

Still, DirectStorage seems like a relatively safe investment. Windows gamers are enthusiasts and there will no doubt be games that work with the optimizer. If this comes from the ground up, it could very well be a turning point for Windows 11. While Windows 10 will also be getting DirectStorage soon, it will be available to a lesser extent.

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Five things Windows 11 does much better than Windows 10

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