Camjo / Instructor – BNNVARA, Hilversum / Villamedia

For the editors of Teenage Boss season 3, we are looking for a creative and human-loving Camjo / director. Want to be a part of this amazing Human Interest Zapp program? So apply now!

From the 1st of August we are looking for one

Camjo / instructor

(36 hours per week)

Teenage Boss. The NPO Zapp program, where teens master their parents’ money and spend their family’s money for a month.

This is what you need to do

You are camjoen; so you are in touch with the characters in this series at all important times. You therefore have a social and important role in the process.
You film the scenes of the series yourself with a Sony FS7 or a similar camera. You design together with the editorial staff the way the topics / topics / interviews are composed.
You design the visual style of the program together with the editors. It is about visual language, editing style, music style, shot composition, etc.
You think about the technology and the resources that need to be used.
Together with the editors, you design the story based on the material and edit it yourself.

This is what you offer

you can run independently and have several years of experience with a Sony FS7;
you can broadcast people independently and you have several years of experience working with audio equipment;
you have years of experience building 20 minute long stories;
you can edit independently in Premiere;
you are experienced enough with Premiere to be able to express yourself creatively with it. This way you come up with new solutions, ideas and perspectives;
you feel connected to BNNVARA’s goals.

That’s what we’re offering

A fixed-term employment contract from 01-08-2022 or from 01-10-2022 until mid-March 2023.
Salary in scale F ranges from € 2,446.46 to € 3,598.25 based on 36 hours per week. Your salary is determined by your education (level) and (professional) experience and is based on the agreement for radio and television staff.
A place in a top team with plenty of space for your development and growth.
At BNNVARA, we keep an eye on your development: In addition to the regular training budget, there is a personal career budget.
Cozy drinks (digital or in your own bar) and exciting knowledge sessions. All completely non-binding.
Inspiration sessions, a CO2 calculator and we share tips for working as environmentally friendly as possible. At BNNVARA, we want to be at the forefront when it comes to sustainability, and therefore we participate in the international sustainability platform ‘albert’.

The terms of employment are in accordance with the agreement for radio and television staff. This agreement includes:
– holiday allowance of 8%;
– December payment of 6%;
– 200 hours of leave on an annual basis of 36 hours per week;
– travel allowance of a maximum of € 151.80 net per. month.
– collective pension scheme (2/3 paid by BNNVARA);
– Health insurance supplement of € 30 gross per. month
– homework money of 20 € net per. month on a full-time basis.


Do you have any questions? Ask them for Maja Braun via

Apply via the application button. The position is open until May 29

BNNVARA is a media organization with a mission. We set the bar high every day. As a major public broadcaster, we have a responsibility to bring what makes people think, give ideas, create understanding, inspire, discuss, laugh or move.

We make programs for a reason. To reveal something, break taboos or have an open conversation. We are committed to an open, equal and just society. We conduct discussions and continue until something changes.

BNNVARA is for a wide and young audience. For anyone who is open to the world. For curious and socially engaged people. For people who, like us, want to move forward and who strive for change and innovation. You look at issues from different perspectives and are convinced that BNNVARA reaches its audience best by connecting you with different target groups in society.

Finally, BNNVARA values ​​diversity and spaciousness. BNNVARA’s mission is to work for a just and just society where we want to fight exclusion. BNNVARA wants to be an organization where everyone can feel at home. And we are obliged to do so. Therefore, we explicitly invite people of different ages, backgrounds, places of birth, beliefs, (physical) challenges, gender and sexual preferences to apply.

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