Clean Event connects professionals from the chain around industrial cleanliness

In addition, developments in industrial cleanliness are accelerating. It remains a race against time for both OEMs and suppliers. The whole process must be under control: from design to production, assembly and packaging.

These challenges and connecting the entire chain around industrial cleanliness are central during Clean Event 2022, which Mikrocentrum arranges on 17 May in Koningshof in Veldhoven. Visitors also get the unique opportunity to discuss their cleanliness challenges with ASML in 1-on-1 consultations.

The requirements are further tightened

Achieving optimal surface unit is one of the critical steps in high-tech production processes. Industrial cleanliness and contamination control in semiconductors, metalworking and processing, medical technology, aerospace, but also the automotive industry are becoming increasingly important. Dirt particles and molecular contamination of even a few nanometers can be catastrophic for the operation of a system or machine

For example, the whole process is crucial for high-precision cleaning, and more and more companies are becoming aware of this. “If we just look at the development over the past two years, we have seen that the requirements are tightened further. Everything to prevent failure due to particle or molecular contamination, ”says Karin Mous, Event Manager for Clean Event.

Connects the entire chain

Clean Event connects professionals from across the industrial purity chain to take on challenges together, share knowledge and exchange experiences. 46 suppliers of industrial cleaning services, systems and products and 17 speakers share the latest innovations and developments, but also aim to spar with visitors about solutions to challenges in daily practice. Karin Mous: “The Clean Event brings together the entire cleanliness chain every year.

It is central to connect and share knowledge. Connecting and sharing knowledge is not only limited to the physical event, we also offer an online community where the chain can meet each other and share knowledge throughout the year. By providing a central location for this, suppliers can more easily work together to meet the purity requirements. For OEMs, it provides insight into the challenges of daily practice. “

1-to-1 Pure advice from ASML

A unique part of the Clean Event program is the ability for visitors to present cleanliness issues to ASML experts in scheduled 10-minute 1-on-1 conversations. Karin Mous: “We are very proud that ASML gives visitors the opportunity to directly discuss the challenges they face in daily practice. This not only ensures that these challenges are tackled more quickly, but also mutual understanding between OEMs, in this case ASML, and suppliers. ”

Workshop: clean for the management

Managers have a guiding voice when it comes to market access, investments and employees’ intended level of knowledge. The Clean for management workshop, delivered by Mikrocentrum teachers Cees van Duijn and Koen van der Merwe, offers managers tools to respond to the customer’s increasing demands for cleanliness. Emphasis is also placed on short- and long-term effects within market access, business processes, investments, education, cost and sales prices.

Exercise at the heart of the conference program

The conference program emphasizes practical experiences. For example, Hein Verschuren from Unicorn ICS uses a customer case to explain how high cleanliness can be achieved with ultrasonic cleaning. Paul Blom from VDL ETG shares insights from the research they do in pollution control to adapt their products and production processes to the increasing demands for cleanliness. Rients de Groot from Thermo Fisher Scientific explains how purity in the manufacturing process of parts and the assembly process of the parts and modules play an important role in the result. He uses examples to illustrate the manufacturing aspects, the specification and the validation.

Sponsors and partners

The Clean event and the community are partly made possible by partners VCCN, TNO and Nevac and sponsor FenS, Unicorn, KSM, Weisstechnik, Oude Reimer, Ecoclean, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Settels Savernije, Procleanroom, RVS Clean and Tru Cleanroom Cleaning. By supporting these initiatives, they emphasize the importance of jointly informing the industry about the latest developments, sharing experiences and providing knowledge.

Free entry

Clean Event is organized by Mikrocentrum in NH Conference Center Koningshof in Veldhoven. The event is free to enter. For information and registration click here

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