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Tom Holland and Zendaya of course we know everyone like Peter Parker and Michelle Jones-Watson from Spider Manmovie. It feels a bit like part of the lead role in this film series, because just as Tobey Maguire was with Kirsten Dunst for a while, and Andrew Garfield dated Emma Stone for a while, sparks also flew between Tom Holland and Zendaya. And that was long before the latest movie Spider Man: No Way Home appeared on the white screen. In this article, we tell you all about the love between these Spider-Man stars and find one comprehensive timeline of their relationship

Tom Holland and Zendaya: the timeline of their relationship

Although the chemistry between the two has sprayed from the start, Tom Holland and Zendaya denied that they were in a relationship for years. Want to know how the two finally got along? Below we have prepared a comprehensive timeline for you.

2016: Tom Holland and Zendaya become Peter Parker and MJ in the ‘Spider-Man’ series

It all starts with the Marvel reboot Spider Man: Homecoming (2017), in which the Englishman Tom Holland is cast as Peter Parker, and the American Zendaya will play the role of MJ. On the set, it appears to click immediately between the two. Soon, Tom Zendaya mentions in an interview with people then his best friend† “She’s so amazing,” he says. “I am a little worried [over het omgaan met de roem], but Zendaya is super famous and has been through all this, so I just call her and say, “How does it work to be famous?” I’m very happy to have a friend like her. ”

As Tom points out, Zendaya was much more famous when she was cast in the Spider-Man series. She has already starred in the well-known Disney Channel sitcoms Shake it up (2010-2013) and KC Undercover (2015-2017) and participated in the sixteenth season of Dance with the stars

→ You can see Tom Holland and Zendaya in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ here at Pathé Thuis. In addition, the film can also be streamed via Netflix and Videoland at the time of writing.

2017: ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ press tour and denial of date rumors

While the ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ promotion is in full swing, rumor after rumor emerges about a relationship between the main characters. For example, an anonymous source tells people that the two are dating and have even been on vacation together. On Twitter, Zendaya and Tom immediately suppressed this rumor.

Later, Zendaya declares that variety that Tom is one of her best friends. On his 21st birthday, Tom Holland again posts some photos from a shoot they made together, with the caption: “Happy birthday mate.” It seems clear at the time: the two are both in the friend zone.

2019-2020: The actors date other people

Between 2017 and 2019, despite the appearance of Spider-Man: Far from home (2019), pretty quiet between the couple, except for some photos that the two post of each other on Instagram. In 2019, the love adventure even seems to be completely over, as Zendaya is seen together a few times along Jacob Elordicher co-star in the HBO Max hit series Euphoria (2019–). The two go on holiday together, to Greece, and are photographed kissing in New York.

Tom is also dating another during this period. In July 2020, he confirmed his relationship with the actress through an Instagram post Nadia Parkes† It seems they will even go into self-isolation together if the corona pandemic breaks out. All hope for ‘Tomdaya’, as fans have come to call the couple, seems to be lost at that point.

July 2021: Tom Holland and Zendaya discovered kissing in a car

But in July 2021, the time has come: Tom Holland and Zendaya have finally found each other. The couple stays kissing in a car photographed by the paparazzi in front of the red light from a traffic light in Los Angeles. The actors are also seen leaving Zendaya’s mother’s house together. Although they do not yet officially confirm the relationship themselves, it finally seems official. A month later, they also perform at a wedding together as each other’s date.

September 2021: Tom makes ‘Tomdaya’ official through an Instagram post

In September 2021, Tom Holland finally looks set to make the relationship official with an Instagram post he posts for Zendaya’s 25th birthday. “My MJ”he writes with a picture of the two on the set for Spider-Man. “Have the best birthday. Call me when you wake up.” Zendaya responds to this: “I will call you now.”

This seems to be the green light for the two to be more open about their relationship on social media. For example, Tom posts a black and white photo of Zendaya on October 18, 2021 at the premiere of her latest film dune (2021), subtitle “Dune”† In a Buzzfeedinterview Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya’s co-star in the science fiction film, also jokes that his celebrity crush Tom Holland is who Zendaya smiles meaningfully at and then quickly turns to business as usual. We can no longer ignore it: Tomdaya is finally one thing.

Autumn 2021: Press release for ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

In the fall of 2021, it’s time for the press release for the latest Spider-Man movie: Spider Man: No Way Home (2021). As a result, the couple performs together at various events on the red carpet and gives various interviews. Here they tell about their privacy and that the rumors about their relationship have had a big impact on this.

IN Graham Norton Show on December 3, 2021, Tom Holland and Zendaya will also talk about theirs length difference, which is much talked about online. Because Tom is smaller than Zendaya, it was difficult to perform certain stunts. In the video below, they show how they solved this while filming the Spider-Man movies.

What about Tom Holland and Zendaya now?

Almost a year has passed since Tom Holland and Zendaya kissed in their car and the start of their relationship. What we now know is that the two are still happy together and regularly post pictures of each other on social media. The actors also perform regularly in public together and were recently seen in matching outfits. Sweet!

Bought a house together?

Rumor has it that Tom Holland and Zendaya have one bought a house is, however, rejected by the actors. The two were to live together in south London, but Tom tells in an interview with Lives with Kelly and Ryan“That’s not true. I did not buy a new house. I’m thinking, ‘Wow, what a surprise, I’m wondering when I’ll get the keys.’

He talked about it earlier in an interview with people about wanting to be a father one day. We will therefore keep a close eye on this IT couple in the future and look forward to many more sweet Tomdaya moments.

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