7 tips for a successful kitchen transformation

In the popular TV show Blind Gekocht, 7 couples will buy their home again this year. They put their future in the hands of a few experts. Specifically, real estate agent Ba and interior designers Bart and Kelly. Together with presenter Jani, they start the adventure and have their home and kitchen transformed with their budget. We would like to give you some tips so that you too can transform your kitchen into your dream kitchen.

TIP 1: Organize your kitchen well

Think about the decor of your kitchen. It may sound logical, but take your time with this. Do you have a fairly small kitchen? Then do not choose a kitchen island, but look for an arrangement that works. For example, a gallery kitchen like that of Celine and Florian comes into its own in certain areas. And in larger kitchens, you should also think about the decor you provide. In a kitchen like Jonas and Bartelds, it is important to respect the work triangle so that you can easily reach for your kitchen utensils when standing by the fire. Also, make sure you have the refrigerator and dishwasher within reach when cooking.

Experience Barteld and Jonas’ kitchen

7 tips for a successful kitchen transformation

TIP 2: Choose the right materials

What material do you choose for your cabinets and countertop? There are many options, such as granite, ceramic, laminate … When making this choice, keep in mind that one material has different qualities than the other. Barteld and Jonas’ cupboard doors and table tops are in laminate, for example. A material that is very strong, hygienic and scratch-resistant. Filip and Caroline chose a little more luxury with a ceramic table top with a travertine look. Both the appearance and the price therefore influence this decision.

Experience Filip and Caroline’s kitchen

TIP 3: Prefers customization

Choosing customization does not only mean that your kitchen is made to measure. It also ensures that your new kitchen comes into its own. All space is utilized optimally. This way, your kitchen experience will only get better. Are you big? Then Dovy simply adjusts the table top and the height of your cabinets. Celine and Florian and Aisha and Robin could also experience this first hand. In addition, Aisha and Robin have a closet specially designed to hide the washer and dryer. At Celine and Florian, the cabinets were completely adapted to the sloping walls, so there is still enough storage space.

Experience the kitchen of Celine and Florian

7 tips for a successful kitchen transformation

TIP 4: Provide some practical storage solutions

Do you always lack space? Then think about how you want to store all your kitchen utensils. There are many useful solutions to this. If you have corners in your kitchen, you can have special turning systems installed so that you can easily reach all your herbs and other ingredients. Or experience the convenience of extra wide or deep drawers where you can store your pots and pans. These were, for example, delivered in Jonas and Barteld’s kitchen in Sint-Katelijne-Waver.

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TIP 5: Kitchen with or without handles

Have you ever wondered if you want a handleless kitchen or rather a kitchen with handles? A handle-free kitchen looks modern and is very practical. You can even select the tip-on system where the cabinet door opens when you give it a push. Do you want to pimp your kitchen? Then you can use handles. They come in all sorts of colors and shapes, so you can completely customize the look of your kitchen to your taste. Aisha and Robin chose the subtle twin handles.

Experience the kitchen with Aisha and Robin

7 tips for a successful kitchen transformation

TIP 6: Appliances complete your kitchen

Appliances also shape your kitchen. It is possible to store white goods in cupboards, you can have them built in so that they form 1 line with your cupboards, but you can also go for separate items. So something for everyone. In addition, you can reuse your old appliances if they are still in good condition. This was also the case in Kessel-Lo. The oven in Florian and Celine’s kitchen was still as good as new. If you prefer brand new appliances then think about what you really need. Do you want to cook on gas, do you prefer induction? All of this affects the style of your kitchen.

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TIP 7: Personalize your kitchen with beautiful details

Will your kitchen be a real kitchen to live in? A space where you do not just cook, but where you yourself like to have an aperitif, where your children do their homework. Be sure to add some nice details. These determine the atmosphere in your kitchen.

At Celine and Florian, you will find the bohemian style, which is characterized by natural colors, green accents, warm wood tones and soft materials. Filip and Caroline have a rather southern atmosphere. This is due to the abundance of light, the combination of bright colors and the warm look of the oak veneers.

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Dovy can also ensure a successful transformation in your kitchen.

Would you like to have a design drawn for your dream kitchen? Make an appointment here with a Dovy kitchen consultant in your area.

7 tips for a successful kitchen transformation

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