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By the editors on 19-05-2022

RUURLO – Councilor Anjo Bosman, who has recently been responsible for the construction of a new sports hall in Ruurlo, has now had to clear the course. The remaining board members implemented the city council’s proposal. They have made the decision on the location of the new sports hall in Ruurlo. Something that has kept the Ruurlose community busy for some time. If it is for the folk high school, the new sports hall will be built near the swimming pool De Meene. The football association Ruurlo does not agree with this and has made itself known. In the coming weeks, the City Council will decide whether it will be in line with the Council’s proposal. Below is the letter that VV Ruurlo has distributed.

Sports hall Ruurlo
Last week, we as VV Ruurlo were informed by Berkelland municipality about the choice of location for the new sports hall to be built in Ruurlo. Unfortunately for us, college of the
Berkelland Municipality has expressed its preference for the location on the Meene. This choice really surprised us as VV Ruurlo, especially because we were still discussing the investment costs and the expected operating costs.

The City Council of Berkelland Municipality has made its choice based on 2 parameters, the cost and the expected completion time. It appears from the board decision that there is a difference of 685
thousand euros in investment costs and that the operating costs are largely the same. And the small difference in realization time can be expected. We believe that this decision was made on the basis of incomplete and incorrect financial figures, which we would like to see corrected. There is still a difference in investment costs in our calculations, but we think so
difference of only 250 thousand euros is in favor of location De Meene, and that the operating costs of VV Ruurlo are 75 thousand euros per year more advantageous. This would mean that the extra investment in VV Ruurlo will pay for itself in 3 and a half years, and that in the remaining term (of, say, 50 years) we will be no less than 3.8 million euros cheaper if we replaces the sports hall at the current level.location of VV Ruurlo.

In terms of content, where is our objection really? We have taken as our starting point the financial figures provided by the analysis agency ICS.
We have the following comments on these figures:
As VV Ruurlo, we have specified how much extra space we think we need
play our sport, think especially of extra changing rooms, extra
care room, extra meeting room and storage for the football materials (balls,
farmers, vests, etc.). In total, this is 455m2 extra. What we are protesting against is that
ICS has charged a m2 price for these spaces, which in our opinion is far too high
is. ICS assumes a m2 price for sports halls (with expensive floors and expensive floors).
services). A lower m2 is then assumed for the De Meene swimming pool
price. We want our extra m2 to be charged the same price as used
at Meene swimming pool. That is a difference of almost 300,000 euros positive.
• To indicate that we have not yet finished the numbers. We have a
requested storage space for outdoor materials (think of the materials
used for maintenance on our fields) with 150m2. This is a
additional cost item of 206 thousand euros. So no savings, but extra costs.
• It is important to be able to make a fair comparison that uses the same numbers everywhere
being worked. To our surprise, for the renovation and remodeling of the current one
swimming pool buildings worked with a much lower m2 price. In our opinion, it should too
work there with the same m2 price. This means that the realization on Meene
should be increased by 230 thousand euros.
• The book value of the current buildings is incorrectly included. Here is the book value
acquired per. 1 January 2021 instead of the carrying amount per. January 1, 2023. This
gives a positive difference of 24 thousand euros
• An important difference is the price of the temporary facilities. From ICS is there
more than 135 thousand euros. We believe this can be made significantly cheaper. partly
gained through experience under Corona (where, after all, we played many matches
without changing rooms, due to good communication with home and away teams, this is pretty much done
to catch up with changing clothes and taking a shower at home). In addition, we can use the current old
use a sports hall in case of emergency, it remains after all until a new sports hall arrives
build. We may not be able to absorb everything, which is why we are proposing this amount
to 50 thousand euros. We can make it happen and we guarantee it.
This means that the investment costs for the VV Ruurlo site will be DKK 12.944 million
investment costs of de Meene 12,687 million, a difference of 257 thousand euros.
Then the operating costs are the annual recurring costs that you actually have to calculate
about the expected life of the sports hall. The lifespan of the sports hall is estimated at 50
year. We want to make the following changes in operating expenses:
• Firstly, we do not take into account rental income from VV Ruurlo
worries incomprehensible. We currently pay rent to Stichting Sportpark ‘t Rikkelder
for use in our fields, canteen and changing rooms. If we rent the same
continues, then we calculate with an expected rent of 50 thousand euros (which has been
not included), for use of canteen and changing rooms (ie no room rent el
field rental, only for canteen and changing rooms).
• We propose to reduce the margin on the revenue from the canteen from 40 thousand to 20
thousand euros. As VV Ruurlo, we also have to reserve part of the margin for
outdoor sports, so it makes sense to charge less for this.
• Finally, the documents state that Swimming Pool de Meene collects the proceeds from the canteen
not for the benefit of the sports hall. So this revenue has to come from the utilization
van de Meene deleted.
This means that the utilization of VV Ruurlo amounts to 447 thousand euros per year, and it
utilization of Meene of 522 thousand per year. A positive difference of at least 75 thousand
euros for VV Ruurlo on the annual recurring costs!

Much has already been researched, but there are still many questions. It is our view that these issues affect investment and operations. Before the council and the municipal council can make an election, there must be clarity about the following matters:

• Where should the sports hall be located by De Meene, and what does this mean for the investments? Now is
it is still unclear on which side the sports hall should be located, which can make a big difference
to the necessary investments.
Possible integration with tennis. We do not see that investments for this have been included yet.
Is there a need for new tennis courts and possibly additional changing rooms?
• Adaptation of the infrastructure at the De Meene location is still very unclear. Is
for example, the intersection of Loolaan and Wiersseweg included in the cost? As far as we get out of
archival documents, these costs are not included, previous estimates from
the municipality was about 1.5 million. Now there are only 660 thousand registered, it is
• Expenditure on student transport. We hear that from the schools Willibordus and Kerst Zwart
expenses for student transport must be borne. Now this is set to 0, acc
for us it is not possible for the schools. Is this correct? Shouldn’t it still cost
enter into student driving? Otherwise, the students are going to Meene
time and it is at the expense of teaching time or the school pays for the transport itself and then you go
it at the expense of a special needs teacher.

In short, many things are still unclear. The municipal council can now choose VV Ruurlo, where the investment is the same, but the operating burden for the municipality is much lower. Or she chooses to clarify the above questions further so that a logical choice can be made.

Realization time
The municipality states that the realization time will be comparable for the location De Meene and the location of VV Ruurlo. Although we do not know for sure, the sounds on VV Ruurlo are really more positive. People who are already used to a sports complex, including a sports hall. But the municipality is also right that it is still an uncertain factor, but as VV Ruurlo we are definitely willing to cooperate as much as possible with local residents to realize a sports hall that meets everyone’s wishes.

As VV Ruurlo, we are proud of our sports park and proud of the excellent collaboration with the indoor sports clubs, with Avonturijn, the shooting club, Kulturhuus and Ruurlo
The Entrepreneurs’ Association. Only by working together can we exist for many years to come. Until now, we as VV Ruurlo have hardly made ourselves heard, we have done so deliberately to prevent mood creation in the village. We would like to encourage the municipal council to take a closer look at the economy and the time of realization. Such a drastic decision must
taken on the right data and it has not happened now.

On behalf of the board of VV Ruurlo and Stichting Sportpark ‘t Rikkelder
Jacco Dijkhuizen (treasurer VV Ruurlo)
Henry Meutstege (chairman VV Ruurlo)
Wim Rijkenbarg (chairman of Stichting Sportpark ‘t Rikkelder)
Willem Klein Egelink (treasurer of Sportpark ‘t Rikkelder Foundation)

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