News from the committees on Tuesday, May 17, 2022

The Senate committee met on Tuesday, May 17, 2022, to discuss progress in considering bills and other matters. The most important decisions are listed below. The complete list of decisions can be found in the so-called short notes of the relevant committees.

Initiative bill-Raemakers and Van Meenen Promote opportunities to choose between childcare centers that admit or do not admit children who do not participate in the national vaccination program

Letter initiators with executive order short story

The Social and Employment and Public Health, Welfare and Sports Committees decide to advise the chairman to postpone the vote on the private member’s bill for another week until Tuesday 24 May 2022. The committees also decide to send a letter to the initiators, in which .a. For more clarity, the content and timeline of the short story announced by letter will be requested (35049, X). The committees will, on the basis of the answers given by the initiators, again on 24 May decide how they want to advise the chairman on whether to continue the vote on the private member’s bill pending the amendment.

Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) approval

The Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and Development Cooperation decides to provide input for the report on 31 May 2022. The committee asks the staff to explicitly ask the Minister to respond within the set deadline, as well as to look at a possible date for plenary debate before summer vacation, or immediately after summer vacation.

Million bill 2022

Letter from the Minister of Finance on a number of variants of the current budget process

Commitment Send letter on the pros and cons of budget memorandum to the Senate this spring

Input for written consultation is given by members Vendrik (GroenLinks) and Ester (ChristenUnie)

Evaluation Act Political parties’ financing law

Input to the preliminary report is provided by the parties from VVD (Meijer), CDA (Rombouts), GroenLinks (Ganzevoort) and PvdA (Koole) jointly, D66 (Dittrich), Fractie-Nanninga (Van der Linden), ChristenUnie (Talsma) , PvdD (Nicolai), SGP (Schalk) and OSF (Raven).

Law on the implementation of EU directives transparent and predictable employment conditions

Input to the preliminary report is provided by the factions of D66 (Stienen) and ChristenUnie (Ester).

Act on Socially Responsible Procurement, Youth Act and Act on Social Support 2015

The Public Health, Welfare and Sports Committee issues a blank final report in order to reject the bill as a hammer blow.

Estimated Senate 2023

The Committee on Home Affairs / General Affairs issues a final report in order to reject the Senate’s estimate for 2023 as a hammer blow. The committee wishes to submit to the Senate Senior Board the question of who should take the initiative to calculate what possible additional activities can be expected or what additional activities the members want.

Entry into force of the Royal Decree on Environmental Law

Report on written consultation of the Minister for Housing and Spatial Planning at the time when the draft royal decree on the entry into force of the Environment and Planning Act is to be considered

Following on from a letter from the Minister of Housing and Spatial Planning of 13 May 2022 concerning the plenary reading of the draft Royal Decree (Royal Decree) concerning the entry into force of the Environment and Planning Act, Infrastructure and Water Management and the Economy and Climate / Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality:

  • in accordance with the decision taken at the committee meeting on 10 May 2022, to provide input for further written consultation on 24 May 2022;

  • to put the subject “State of the Environment Act” on the agenda again on 7 June 2022 to see if the reply letter and the requested documents (discussed in the next item on the agenda) have been received and the plenary debate has been adequately prepared;

  • the draft Royal Decree on the entry into force of the Environment and Planning Act – subject to receipt of the aforementioned response letter and the mentioned documents and their weighting on 7 June – for consideration in plenary before 21 June 2022, in which cases of voting will take place one week later, June 28, 2022;

  • to ask the committee staff to inquire about the (internal) complaint procedure with the Ministry of the Interior and National Affairs in the event of threats;

  • to send the Minister a letter with questions about the consequences of a vote on 28 June 2022 on the publication of a royal decree in the Official Gazette.

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