Sioo launches ‘Expedition Dutch Design Week’: Design training for change experts

The change management training institute Sioo has launched a new program. Participants ofExpedition Dutch Design Week ‘will this autumn immerse itself in a world of innovative and experimental design, to get lessons and inspiration to solve the 21st century’s complex change challenges.

What do the professionals as a consultant and designer have in common? More than you might immediately think, if you ask Marguerithe de Man. The Sioo presenter developed the expedition for Dutch Design Week because she sees the event as “a fantastic environment to learn for and about our subjects”.

“The organizational issues that one as a consultant or change agent has to deal with today are often so complex that traditional working methods are no longer sufficient,” she explains. “It requires far-reaching collaboration with other specialists and new, creative ways of thinking and experimenting.”

This is where Dutch Design Week (DDW) comes into the picture. Over the past two decades, DDW has grown into the largest design event in Northern Europe. At 120 locations throughout Eindhoven, more than 2,600 designers present their work and concepts to more than 350,000 visitors from home and abroad. There are also many lectures, debates and other festivities.

DDW’s mission and vision fully demonstrate the similarities that De Man sees between design and change management. For example, DDW “believes in designers’ problem-solving capacity”, according to the organization: “They have demonstrated that they have the ingenuity and flexibility of thinking that can lead to relevant innovations that our rapidly changing world requires.”

In addition, the emphasis in DDW is on “experiment, innovation and crossings” – precisely the aspects that, according to De Man, are so important for coming up with working solutions to today’s organizational change tasks.

DDW also wants to “connect designers to social challenges” and show how they “design a positive future worldwide” – just as consultants and other change professionals are expected to play a positive role in the transition to a society where organizations pursue a broad social value. .

Designers and consultants often focus on the same themes, De Man explains. “The current topics that are central to DDW – such as digital development, new sustainable materials, social design, biodesign, health, food and smart cities – are also topics that we encounter as advisors.”

Expedition through the design world

More than enough interfaces for counselors to get inspiration and lessons during the event. “Designers’ working methods are very useful,” says De Man. “And their ideas and solutions to social and societal problems are important sources of inspiration for organizational professionals.”

“The current topics that are central to DDW – such as digital development, new sustainable materials, social design, biodesign, health, food and smart cities – are also topics that we encounter as advisors.”

In Expedition Dutch Design Week, Sioo takes the participants on an expedition to DDW. The first day – which takes place on 4 October – consists of a joint preparation, where the research method is central.

“Many colleagues still find it difficult to absorb the experience that the design world offers,” explains De Man. That is why we are starting with our research method. What does it require of the way you see, listen, ask, feel, taste and touch? And how do you hold on to your impressions, insights and new questions? ”

After this preparation day, the actual three-day expedition through Eindhoven starts, from 26 to 28 October. “The participants go partly together and partly alone. We gather to harvest, share and reflect and regroup to plot the next stretch of the route and the exploration. And we have special meetings with experts. ”

After these three days in Eindhoven, the participants will meet again on November 10 to “take full advantage of the richness of this expedition”, according to De Man. “We gain experience and insight from the visit by intensively reflecting on it and thinking further about it.”

As ‘real’ designers, we then create a product based on our common lessons: for example, a magazine that you can distribute online. In the afternoon, everyone’s individual harvest is at the center. Under expert guidance, participants record the insights gained. “

The expedition is supervised by De Man himself, together with An Kramer from De Organisatie Activist and Tijmen Schep from Pineapplejazz Design. Other experts will also participate, which will be announced as soon as more is known about the DDW program, which is still under development.

Interested in the expedition? See here for more information and registration.

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