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BREDA – Children from Breda who still want to participate in Summer Camps Breda, are wise to sign up. The youth camp is already full. There is only room left at Brakkenkamp and Teen Camp. ”

From games in the woods, to football, swimming, sports, colorful evenings and play on the playground. Everything is wonderfully old-fashioned at the Breda Summer Camps. “We want the children to shine and have fun without social media,” says the new chairman Ozkan Hoff (30). “If you come to summer camp, you will be completely away from the problems of the day for a week. No cell phones, limited pocket money and no devices. Believe me, it’s great for the kids. “


Summer Camps Breda is 52 years old. Every year, except in the corona year 2020, the whole group goes to the campsite Sparrenhof in Tilburg. Hoff: ,, Divided over three weeks, 450 children come. About 150 a week. Parents do not have to worry about their child being lost in the crowd. Groups consist of six children, and each group has its own tutor. For example, at Brakkenkamp, ​​which is the age group from 6 to 9 years, we have ten groups. A maximum of sixty children can be brought here. ”


Parents who have never sent their child to camp before are often in doubt. But safety is our highest priority

Ozkan Hoff, President of Summer Camps Breda

Hoff points out that the Youth Camp is already full. Children between 13 and 16 years old can sign up for the waiting list. There is still room at Brakkenkamp and Teen Camp. ”

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One of the activities during Summer Camps Breda © Wilfred Huijsmans


The summer camp is open to all children, but the target group that the foundation focuses on is children from families who are not feeling well. Hoff: ,, And children with backpacks, children who have experienced something bad. It is our motivation to ensure that these children can go through life with a little more joy. Our 130 volunteers do their utmost for this. ”


We are very pleased with the support from Lions Quatro Breda

Ozkan Hoff, President of Summer Camps Breda


According to Hoff, it is important that parents with young children see that they can safely send their child on vacation. Hoff: “Parents who have never sent their child to camp before are often in doubt. But safety is our highest priority. For example, we have a golden rule, and that is that a volunteer is never alone with a child. There must always be at least two volunteers or other children present. We do this to protect children, but also our own organization. Because if something happens, you are gone as an organization. That’s why we screen all our volunteers and they get internal training. Then we know if anyone is right for us. ”

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ZOKA children's camp, Breda summer camps.
Children’s camp by ZOKA, summer camp Breda. © ZOKA Collection.


Hoff will try to strengthen the summer camps financially. ,, We receive grants and have sponsors, but we could use a little extra support. That is why we are very pleased with the support from Lions Quatro Breda. Their goal is to help underprivileged children in Breda. They want to support us with food, materials and transportation. It will help us a lot. ”

Hoff took over the hammer from Wilfred Huysmans in 2020. Huysmans was chairman for 25 years. Breda summer camps are held from 25 July to 12 August in Sparrenhof in Tilburg. See:

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