5 fun festivals for children – theater, music and workshops

Photo 1. Get creative at Hemeltjelief! Festival. Photo: Good heavens!

May 20, 2022
Culture rural areas A beautiful location full of cheerful people, music, workshops and creativity. On this five festivals are for children much to see and experience. And whether they are specifically aimed at children or just have a children’s program, children and parents will have a great day together!

Book guide: Wonderland full of stories

THE HAGUE How to get children to read now? Our tip: bring them along Boekids Festival in The Hague and you have a chance! At this literary festival in PIP The Hague, the May 21 and 22, they venture out into a wonderland filled with stories and fun activities. Listen to the story of Bob Popcorn and immediately hold a popcorn party or get your hair styled with the book ‘Idje vil ikke til hairdresser’. And there is music! The program includes performances by Donnie (aka Maradonnie), Kinderkees, De Kraaien and Roosbeef.

Tip: on 19 and 20 May, there is also Bogsnak in the Central Library, for all older than 12 years.

Photo 2. Dive into the wonderful world of a book under Boekids. Photo: Fred Ernst

AMSTERDAM – You have the dolls dancing at the Amsterdam NSDM quay! Preferably four days in a row, from kl May 26-29you’re celebrating this you good God! Festival full of fun performances and special shows. Kids will love the puppet show, the puppet show and the go-pop-up shows. During a workshop, they make their own special doll creation and show it in the doll parade. And of course there is music! From the afternoon, various artists take the stage. And in the evening, when the children are in bed, the adults naturally go to the afterparty in Noorderlicht to dance until the early hours.

Photo 3. A wonderful day together at Hemeltjelief! Festival. Photo: Good heavens!

Theater everywhere during the Caravan Festival

ALKMAAR – That Caravan Festivalby May 26 to June 6, brings theater to all kinds of special places in and around Alkmaar. On the beach, in a courtyard and along the canal: you can experience theater everywhere. In Alkmaar’s Victoriepark is: the festival heart. Here you can enjoy street theater, a live concert, snacks and drinks every day. Feel free to bring the children, because there is also plenty to do for them! Participate in a show together, swing in time with DJ Frietmachine or go karting with giant insects in motion. And then there are also clowns and acrobats: come and see!

Photo 4. Enjoy the family performances during the Caravan Festival. Photo: Caravan

Beautiful children’s book festival

AMSTERDAM, NIJMEGEN, DEN BOSCH – Books and stories take you to another world where you can dream and experience unimaginable things. On it Beautiful children’s book festival the wonderful world from the most beautiful books becomes reality. In three different cities, children travel in ten different books. There are two different routes: for children from 4 to 7 years and from 7 to 10 years. The little ones listen to Don and Sjon’s adventures and go on a trip to Morocco with Esmaa from the book Tusind og en purple Djellabas. For the big kids, the adventure behind the mysterious door from the book awaits Who gets lost behind this door† And they discover the ice age life in Doggerland for the book Under the waves, where you can actually make a fire yourself. Exciting!

Dates and places

Photo 5. Celebrate a popcorn party at The Beautiful Children’s Book Festival. Photo: Chris van Houts

On to the Children’s Parade!

EINDHOVEN, THE HAGUE, UTRECHT, AMSTERDAM – Throughout the summer, the theater festival De Parade travels to different cities. And it’s also something for kids to look forward to! Every day there is a cozy KinderParade with theater and music performances and workshops. Great: you can bake your own puff pastry! And of course, everyone – including parents – takes a tour of the famous Zweefmolen on the festival site. KinderParade starts at 14.00 in most cities. In Eindhoven, the children’s activity is on the program on weekends and Wednesdays. The regular program for De Parade includes Lucky Fonz III, Elfie Tromp, Ellen ten Damme, Släpstick, Paul de Munnik & Steven Engel, Dilan Yurdakul, De Dansers, Voetvolk and Kiki Schippers.

Dates and places

Photo 6. Young and old take a ride in the carousel at De Parade. Photo: Erik van ‘t Hoff

Also fun to do with kids

Photo 7. Hemeltjelief is a party for children and parents for four days. Photo: Good heavens!

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