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Heijmans strengthens its position as an integrated player in the market for building and maintaining energy infrastructure with the acquisition of Dynniq Energy. This company specializes in designing, building and improving high-, medium- and low-voltage power plants for grid operators and households’ energy connections.

The energy infrastructure is one of Heijmans Infra’s strategic growth pillars. The Netherlands is facing a major energy transition, which is accelerating the demand for upgrading the electricity grid and installing the heating grid. In addition to energy transport, there is more demand from urban areas for reinforcement, capacity in grid development and availability of energy. Heijmans is already multidisciplinary active in electricity transport and distribution and is even stronger with the acquisition of Dynniq Energy. The acquisition of Dynniq Energy – including approximately 100 employees, revenue of more than € 30 million – is a logical step in the strategy to accelerate growth in this market. Due to the acquisition of Dynniq Energy, Heijmans’ share of recurring business is also growing.

The financial details are not disclosed. The purchase is still subject to ACM approval. Once this approval is obtained, the takeover takes effect. The collaboration committees of Dynniq Energy and Heijmans have already approved the proposed acquisition.

Maarten van Raaij

Integrated player

“With Dynniq Energy’s knowledge and expertise, we are strengthening ourselves as an integrated chain partner for network operators,” says CEO. Bart Smolders by Heijmans Infrastructure† ”Thanks to the acquisition, we are even better positioned in this growth market. We are increasing the synergy with Dynniq Energy, which we are already working closely with. From design to construction and maintenance, from area integration to environmental management. Together we can build and manage everything in terms of energy infrastructure between source and user, ”says Smolders.

Mark Wetzels from Egeria

Transition to sustainable energy

Heijmans has for years installed energy infrastructure for the various utilities. As a specialist in high-quality cable systems, Heijmans ensures that the electricity grid is always available. Heijmans also involves energy issues in design, realization and maintenance, and energy supply is an integral part of area development. With the transition to sustainable energy and the increasing use of electric transport and electrical appliances, it is imperative that the energy network in the Netherlands be expanded and modernized so that it remains reliable.

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Dynniq Energy

With headquarters in Moordrecht, Dynniq Energy is focused on improving energy facilities. This concerns both the distribution of cables and pipelines to neighborhoods and households and the design and construction of stations for high-voltage networks. The company is a recognized player in improving the electricity grid to achieve an energy economy with a low carbon content. Major customers are network operators such as Liander, Stedin and TenneT. Dynniq Energy BV has been independent in the Dutch energy market since 2019.

The company originates from Imtech Traffic & Infra, which in 2015 was acquired by the capital fund Egeria. “The collaboration with Heijmans in the energy market has laid a good foundation and confidence for the current acquisition,” says Mark Wetzels by Egeria† “As an advisory board, we are proud of what the entire Dynniq Energy team has achieved and we wish them a bright future under the Heijmans banner,” says Wetzels. “We have already worked together successfully and our cultures fit together. This is the perfect step to support our customers even better in achieving their strategic goals,” says Maarten van RaaijCEO of Dynniq Energy

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