The reconstruction of Het Zevenhuizen and part of the Westerweg started

Part of Het Zevenhuizen in Heiloo and part of Westerweg will be redesigned to improve traffic safety and quality of life. The work starts on 30 May. The implementation will take place in five phases and will last until December 2022. The section on Het Zevenhuizen from Westerweg to Ewisweg will be the first to be completed. Then follow the Westerweg from Het Zevenhuizen in the direction of Vennewatersweg. The college adopted the new design earlier on February 22nd.

Planning work Den Zevenhuizen

Contractor Van Gelder will carry out the work for each stretch of road. During the work, part of Het Zevenhuizen and then part of Westerweg will be closed to all through traffic for each phase:

  • Phase 1 – 30 May to 3 June: crosses Het Zevenhuizen-Ewisweg.
  • Phase 2 – June 6 to July 22: part of Het Zevenhuizen from the junction with Ewisweg to the junction with Westerweg.
  • Phase 3 – 15 August to 5 October: part of the Westerweg just before the junction with Het Zevenhuizen until the junction with De Kwekerij.
  • Phase 4 – October 5 to November 10: part of the Westerweg from the junction with De Kwekerij to the junction Slootenslaan.
  • Phase 5 – November 10 to December 23: part of the Westerweg from the junction with Slootenslaan to the junction with Vennewatwersweg.

During the construction period from 23 July to 14 August, Het Zevenhuizen and Westerweg will be accessible to all traffic. The contractor puts up notice boards about the closures before the start of each phase. Residents will receive a letter with more information for each phase. Updated information can be found on the municipality’s website at: (from 18 May at 4 pm). The work can also be followed via an app from contractor Van Gelder.

Detour phase 1 and 2

In phases 1 and 2, there will be a detour for through car traffic. For phase 1, this is via: Vennewatersweg, Malevoort, Pastoor van Muijenweg to Ewisweg and vice versa. For phase 2 this is via: De Vennewatersweg, Malevoort, Het Zevenhuizen to Ewisweg. There is a detour for bicycle traffic via: Westerweg, Ewislaan, Ewisweg and Vrieswijk (only in phase 1) to Het Zevenhuizen and vice versa. See also attached map: detour route phase 1 and 2 Het Zevenhuizen Westerweg

© Heiloo Municipality

Detour route phase 3 to 5

During phase 3, there will be a detour for through car traffic via Vennewatersweg, Het Malevoort, Het Zevenhuizen, Ewisweg, Pastoor van Muijenweg to Westerweg and vice versa. For phases 4 and 5, depending on the destination, car traffic can run to and from Westerweg from the railway crossing at Zevenhuizerlaan, Het Zevenhuizen and Vennewatersweg. See also attached map: detour route phase 3 4 and 5 Het Zevenhuizen Westerweg.

© Heiloo Municipality

Detours cyclists

Bypasses for cyclists are indicated on site with signs in these phases. Councilor Rob Opdam: “As with the new layout of Kerkelaan-Belieslaan, this design was also created in collaboration with the residents and the Traffic Panel. The residents mainly draw attention to the points of attention about the local situation and contribute ideas about it.

traffic panel

The traffic panel thinks and looks at the main points. Is the design in accordance with the agreements in the ‘Heiloo 2018-2030 Traffic Plan’? Is there a need for tailor-made solutions? The goal is to design all 30 km of roads in Heiloo sustainably and safely with the same look and quality level. Due to a clear layout, road users know better what behavior is expected of them.

On April 26, there was a final meeting with all residents to introduce the contractor and the area manager to each other and answer the final questions before implementation. The comments were positive, it’s great that we can now also get to work here and make Heiloo a little more beautiful, more sustainable and safer. “

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